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As I was walking to work today, I stumbled upon a heap of waste and thought to myself, where will the earth be 100 years from now? It's sad that generations come and go and none seems to fully grasp the importance of preserving the environment.

So, I decided to do a little bit of research on waste generation around the world. Its shocking that currently, around 2.01 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste(MSW) is generated, annually! This is according to the World Bank’s research. There really is urgency in the need for modern waste management infrastructure, and in all countries be they developed or developing.

So then I came across Vectorium. Guys, it's incredible how we are living in an era where there are new technological advancements literally almost every other day. Vectorium is the ideal solution to waste management as it’s a project powered by blockchain technology and AI with the aim of converting waste to coins. In a world where the population growth is tremendous, not forgetting fleeting urbanization, we ought to prevent this from being an environmental catastrophe. I truly believe Vectorium can provide a better future which is healthy and economically enticing as well. What a combination!




This project basically wants to solve common issues related to increased waste generation and wrong waste management. It introduces two different kinds of cryptocurrencies which are Vectorium Flash(poW-based) and Vectorium Plus(poS-based).In addition, it will bring forward the waste to coin process(WtC) which entails the generation of electricity and cryptocurrency from the primary treatment of waste into ‘fuel crypto-mining’ source. Most of these Waste to Coin processes produce electricity and/or cryptocurrency through sublimation or releasing fuel commodities such as synthetic fuels, methanol, etc.

Around the world, electricity generated by power plants and renewable sources is then distributed to the user via meters, control units, cables or pylons. This system of distribution is a one-direction operation. The flow is continuous and always the same amount regardless of the amount consumed or required. If for instance the amount of energy produced is higher than the amount consumed then this means there’s energy wasted and expenses following the disposal of the wasted energy. Vectorium, however, intends to connect consumers and producers. By this is mean that information will be taken in real-time from the meters or measuring devices among others available to the consumer.


The Energy Manager of Vectorium, Andrés Palacio Restrepo

Vectorium will then rationalize and distribute this energy appropriately while avoiding overloads and voltage variations. This project will make create small electricity production and since the exchange will be swift, smart meters and blockchains will be used. The Vectorium coin(Vectorium flash) will be used to purchase energy and consequently reduce energy price greatly.

Vectorium will have no middleman, no wires, no transmission or sub-transmission lines, no hidden costs for the distribution of electricity and no hidden costs for sub-distribution as well.




With the rate of waste production all over the world being at an all-time high I guess its right to say that the future of the world is here. Crypto energy is definitely the future of blockchain. Vectorium is the ultimate ‘disruptive’ answer to all of our questions and its clear that the world is ready to make green cryptocurrencies.

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