Some aspects of several challenges that have been discovered as primary obstacles preventing widespread adoption of blockchain have been addressed through the launch of suitable multi-currency wallets and crypto debit options with backend liquidity. However, more needs to be done to enable efficient building and deployment of smart contracts alongside payments made through various cryptocurrencies.

Smart contracts provide consumer protection against fraud and dispute, aspects that are visibly lacking in the cryptocurrency sector.


There are low adoptions of blockchain as it is still a relatively new and undiscovered concept Despite the numerous clear benefits that the technology offers, many businesses are still not fully on board with the notion leaving blockchain a controversial topic.

The notion of storing personal data on the blockchain is still a few years from adoption with the majority of people believing that it will take around ten years for this to become a mainstream practice.

The public, however, is still open-minded about smart contracts on the blockchain, and there’s even an estimation of the utilisation of this technology becoming a mainstream practise within five years. For blockchain to become a part of everyone’s daily life, challenges need to be identified and addressed and the necessary solutions implemented.


Cost and time are both major obstacles which stand in the way of joint partnerships and ventures, something that is apparent for any industry or sector. For instance, in human resources, it has been reported that it can cost an average business up to 750 dollars to come up with a basic employment contract. Complex contracts usually need more time and funding compared to basic contracts. All industries and sectors require a solution to this problem. Let me introduce you to the DocTailor platform.


This platform utilizes an intelligent clause feature to automatically identify and highlight sections of a document, contract or any other type of agreement that may need to be altered to suite the purpose. Users of the platform can change, replace or eliminate clauses as required to come up with a unique, customised, tailor-made smart contract. It takes as little as 14 seconds to deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

The platform is a viable long-term solution to problems that hinder global adoption of blockchain technology. It allows for easy access to blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrency, which is ultimately the direction that the world is ought to be going in.

The platform will support third-party API integration, a feature that will allow any customized smart contracts to be incorporated into third-party systems. The ultimate objective of the DocTailor platform is to make it simple and straightforward for businesses to create and deploy smart contracts while at the same time benefiting from the cryptocurrency economy.


πŸ”— Improve the accessibility of customized smart contracts.
πŸ”— Boost the simplicity of the development of smart contracts, their acquisition and distribution.
πŸ”— To offer easy payment options which will allow storing of both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
πŸ”— To facilitate the use of the DocTailor DOCS token and other cryptocurrencies as well.
πŸ”— To operate on a p2p,b2c and b2b basis as required.
πŸ”— To integrate with business infrastructure to bring value to real-world situations.
πŸ”— To manage and monitor the deployed smart contracts and blockchains.


Purchase your DOC tokens right away and enable the implementation of this platform where you will be able to gain access to numerous smart legal contract and agreement solutions. You will be able to deploy legal documents with an integrated smart contract feature. The platform aims to come up with a new ecosystem that is designed to illustrate ways in which blockchain advancements can be used in the legal industry.

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