The crypto currency that transforms electricity into blockchain.

Blockchain technology can be implemented to make an impact to pour ecosystem, one of the projects using this technology to improve our existence is Vectorium project.

Vectorium is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that is using alternative energy to produce sustainable power source and allow its users to earn the native platform token in the process.

The main objectives of the project are to implement an operational process that creates the property and unpracticed energy from biomass and producer cryptocurrency utilizing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. The main features of Vectorium projects include:


When there is a combination of both consumers and producers who are interested in working together is when an informal group of prosumers is created. This is then referred to as the micro-grid.
Vectorium flash, the project’s cryptocurrency will only and always be produced through a process called mining with a fixed number of coins being generated every day. Vectorium consortiums are places where the collectivity can produce renewable energy and cryptocurrency. In addition to improving electricity sale and generation, one will be able to benefit by using their energy while mining Vectorium flash using graphics cards and new FPGA devices. The beauty of all this is that even people with small solar plants can be able to join the Vectorium consortium.

Vectorium islands.

Vectorium islands are locations where the collectivity will be able to produce renewable energy as well as for cryptocurrencies. Energy will be produced using a combination of wind, solar, and waste through an effectual ecosystem that is regulated by AI and blockchain-based technology. All this follows the waste to coin process.

Vectorium team claims that this is a project that will transform waste into energy and then energy into cryptocurrencies through a patented process without involving combustion. Its customizable has no environmental impact and can use every type of waste materials. It has the aim of building and delivering over 300 vectorium islands by the end of 2024. The islands are of two types;

Button up, model.

Button up model involves sights where people are already involved in environmentally friendly activities. They have already booked up 15 smaller button-up consortiums, and seven big top-down islands are already designed. The first countries to host those are Brazil, Greece, Costa Rica, Colombia, Los Angeles, the UK, and Dubai.



The main aim of the ELWIND system is to maximize the energy yield at heights closer to the ground compared to others like horizontal axis wind turbines(HAWT), It makes use of more of the used space, therefore, obtaining more energy per square meter without the need to expand in height and width.
This innovative energy efficiency disruption using ELIWIND * semi-vertical axis turbines concerning those using traditional horizontal-axis turbines has been scientifically validated worldwide also by the California Institute of Technology through special studies carried out on the shoals of fish in their navigation arrangement in marine waters. Configuration of the layout of vertical axis turbines tested and implemented (New Mexico) by the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH)



You might ask yourself, why invest in Vectorium? Well, here’s why:

🔗 Up to twenty percent bonus yearly
🔗 The project is environmentally friendly and frankly, who doesn’t want that?
🔗 There is value tied to Vectorium Consortiums(Islands)

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