CitiOS key features.

Edge Computing and AI chip embedded.

The combination of Edge Computing and NM500 AI Chips is the proposed cutting-edge technology. The latest LoRa-private protocol is going to be used to transfer generated data of the sensors.

Autonomous IoT.

This feature will allow IoT devices to communicate directly to each other through MESH. It will also be able to carry out functions without the need to rely on the central server.

Blockchain services.

Every participant and device on the platform will have their blockchain ID which will enable perfect traceability. The immutable data history will make sure the ecosystem is trustworthy while the duplication of blockchain on various nodes ensure a hardware failure-proof system.

Real-Time H2M, M2M Micropayments.

The platform leverages crypto to make sure transactions are carried out without a transaction cost, at high speed and scalability for applications requiring H2M and M2M.

Peer to peer data exchange.

This will facilitate the usage and sharing for IoT data through the elimination of intermediaries while maximizing trust levels with blockchain identity certification.

CitiOS blockchain applications.

Structural Health Monitoring.

This application will help to make predictions on whether infrastructures changes in time and employ the necessary measures to deal with such defects. The platform can leverage blockchain technology and greatly minimize the laborious effort from manual verification of engineering and most importantly save lives.


🔗 The installation prices are lower.
🔗 There is distributed AIoT architecture.
🔗 There is data marketplace support.
🔗 The ecosystem is open and offers more services.


The platform has partnered with a firm that makes Neural Networks and has announced officially their cutting-edge AI CCTV powered by the most efficient and advanced solar panels globally. AIoT street lights will do things such as notify the authorities of reckless driving, accidents, burglary or bad behaviorist will also notify landlords and fire departments in the instance of a fire outbreak and also detect abnormal weather conditions and then report it to the meteorological authority.

The streetlight will contain features such as Edge AI camera, efficient solar energy, LoRa private network, and also the ability to provide power in case of emergencies or when needed.

Benefits of AIoT streetlights.

🔗 They are self-powered.
🔗 Their installation is easy as it does not require connection to an electrical grid.
🔗 They are not costly to install.
🔗 They can be installed anywhere.
🔗 Cameras on the streetlights are equipped with AI function.
🔗 There is the integration of blockchain technology.


CitiOS has built-in crypto token R2R for point to point micropayments, swift transactions as well as zero transaction fees.


Smart cities would mean the lives of people being greatly improved which is the mission of this platform. The fact that there is a project whose major concern is making sure people all over the world live good lives is an illustration of how much blockchain technology is bent on disrupting every industry. This is a project that needs to be implemented now more than ever. Every human being out there deserves a decent life, which is exactly what CitiOS is planning to achieve.

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