The Biggest Threat Of Terror In The USA Is From White Men That Hate Women According To Miriam From Extinction Rebellion

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A couple of Weeks ago I held a 'Discuss Islam' event in Manchester city centre. Miriam from the Far Left Extinction Rebellion came over and we had a rather interesting discussion.

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I was scared, I thought that when I took off my backpack I was going to get something out of there, I think it's a nice girl, I don't share her argument.

The ideologies are lethal and they think for the people, which a Venezuelan immersed in a Communist government tells you.

30.08.2019 22:28

@jamesgoddard, Sometimes through some interesting discussions we get to know about the mystery of this world.

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31.08.2019 00:53

Leftists are deranged and enjoy making up facts on a whim to whip up hatred against the focus of the evil within their black hearts.

01.09.2019 00:26

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