The Full Video of The Insane BLM Supporter that Supports Police Officers Being Murdered

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On Saturday 17th August 2019 I held a 'Discuss Islam' debate in Manchester. Basically we turned up with a camera and a banner and asked people if they wanted to discuss Islam. There were some mixed reactions but it was a good day in general.

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Truth is people who are law enforcement always get protection even when they're guilty of heinous crimes, I mean look at that guy there saying his friend's girlfriend was shot down by cops and got away with it. I do believe that there should be laws against cop mishap. However I don't think capital punishment as murder is the case really. Veto power lessened and constitutional enactment of limited power given to police officer. Amazing interview by the way.

21.08.2019 18:51

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28.08.2019 16:07