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Hello newcomers i am Enoch james by name my nationality is nigeria am the third born in my family i schooled at tosvvi precious school then i graduated to university of calabar unical my best food is rice and beans my aspiration has wanted to be a good business man also a cryptominers my hobbies are playing dancing running skipping also am a lover of social media am also a phone freek movies are the best part of me i love i love watching movie i also have a girl friend who loves me am a guy who care about people fealings i go to church my funny part is hilarious I get tired fast when am hungry talking about food am a foodie am also a virgin hail from cross river my local government is ogoja my village is mbube I stand by my word I love jeans and polo my best game is football i am additionally willing to factor out lacking hyperlinks and blind spots while working on tasks. i love to suppose via troubles carefully and weigh how such selections will have an effect on people.

This behaviour stems from my capability to appropriately and objectively understand any other man or woman's emotions with out necessarily agreeing with them.

it's a useful power i use while
interacting with people to obtain
human beings's feedback and to assist them
with their issues.
another power of mine is that i am an excellent summary reasoner. this indicates i've an elevated ability to deal with complex or multidimensional problems.

although this strength has no longer yet been examined in the operating world, I see its usefulness when i use it in my
position as a mentor in church. i am
inspired with the aid of complicated situations people face in which I may want to play in my thoughts a way to address them by means of the use of exclusive techniques and experience displaying humans new views of the equal state of affairs to put them in a better position to clear up their problems.

closely related to my strengths are my interests. i like helping, interacting and assembly the needs of humans. i have an mainly tender coronary heart for individuals who
were left in the back of via the rat race of lifestyles, together with kids with mastering
problems, the elderly who have no near relations, or individuals who are ostracised bysociety. for example, currently in November, I volunteered at a math and
science camp for children with studying

It changed into a completely profitable revel in for me to be a part of the children' lives for 2 days and have the ability to reveal them love and patience, despite moments of frustration.
i am very thankful for the many things i have in lifestyles - an ample existence, a secure place to live in, exact schooling, accurate dad and mom, exact health, trustworthy friends and that i wish to provide lower back to society.

that is perhaps the strongest motive why i might need to paintings within the civil carrier. I aspire to deliver insights, joy and desire to the human beings in my workplace and additionally those who will not directly get hold of from my

i discovered out about steemit with the aid of a chum @wesley11, and i love all learnt approximately steemit and i hope am welcome to the steemit circle of relatives.

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Welcome to steemit @jamesenoch, it is a very good platform.... I wish you success

19.02.2021 13:03

Hi @jamesenoch, Welcome to Steemit!

Nice Introduction Post👌

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Hi, @jamesenoch,
You are most welcome to the steem blockchain.
Kindly take a look at the notice board for the newcomers

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Steemit Crypto professor

20.02.2021 02:40

Hello welcome to steemit, i hope you will enjoy your stay here 😊. Much love from @bright-obias

20.02.2021 20:09