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Edit problems since communities are live!

I am having serious problems to properly edit my last post (as most of the time I created it as a complete HTML file), and I wonder if something changed with the editor since communities went live?

Let me show you what happens when I try to modify this article.

If I click at "Edit" the preview of the text in the editor suddenly looks completely different than the original version of the post! I made a screen shot of a part of the original version and then the preview of the editor when I try to edit it:


Ugly appearance in editor:

You can see that, beside other wrong formatting, the editor adds many blank lines!

Switching to HTML editor doesn't help!

Things also don't improve again when I switch to "Raw HTML": then the additonal lines are still in the text (many HTML tags are added compared to the original source code).

The only way to properly edit posts is to make a copy of the HTML source code first, and then insert this complete code into the editor to edit it. However, that's really inconvenient!

I wonder what has been changed with the editor? Am I really the only one facing this problem (as such a perfectionist I always try to correct every mistake after publishing a post, haha)?

I think this issue should really be taken serious and solved as soon as possible!

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