My Introduction post.. Support Bangladesh-বাংলাদেশ community


My name is Md. Zahidul Islam. My home in Chittagong Bangladesh. I am a student of class XI. A few days ago my elder brother @ripon0630 told me about Steemit . Since then I have learned about steemit .

My elder brother's name is Ariful Islam. you can go to @ripon0630 to see my elder brother's ID.

I have joined Steamit in reference to my elder brother. My Steamit username is @jahidchoto . We are members of the same family.

The @steemdg is my another elder brother id. We are given below the pictures of the three brothers together.


The taller one is my elder brother @ripon0630 .. Beside him standing is my another elder brother @steemdg .and the lowest one is me.. i am the youngest of all brothers 😁

My elder brother told me that the admin of another community in Bangladesh had reported about us. That’s why my older brother asked me to post an introduction with my identity. In this post I am giving my introduction and also saying that we are all members of the same family. We are not doing any spamming, we are all individual.

i would like to request @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog to don't misunderstand us and support us.. Thank you


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