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You might be thinking, yes the composition is very similar, but the ear, the first inch of the hairstyle from the forehead to the back, the mouth, the direction of the look, and the body position is different....


Lo and behold, as it turns out, all those features are taken from a second artwork by the same artist.

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@tipu curate

08.12.2019 21:39

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08.12.2019 21:39

Is that not @proko signature?
If so, I will like to know his opinion on this.
Recreating peoples work is not lack of inspiration or resource but first an admiration of a piece of work. And is necessary to appreciate others effort. If she had cited him, I guess it would have been ignored.
And I always like @eliana-art & @elenasteem art works.

08.12.2019 22:04

No, it is not @proko 's signature, it is Kseniia Boko 's signature.

08.12.2019 22:19

This isn't plagiarism. If you draw someone elses drawing, that's not plagiarism. Posting that persons artwork and saying you did it is plagiarism. The key is that YOU drew it. You can argue about whether you think it's creative or whatever, but it's definitely not plagiarism.

Artists do this all the time for artists they admire and it's not a taboo thing.

I don't think it's a terrible idea to be dedicated to rooting out plagiarism, but I don't think it's helpful to go around falsely accusing people.

08.12.2019 22:28

No, if you post/publish/etc another person's artwork and say it was made by you that is art theft, which is only the most basic and blatant type of art plagiarism. Art plagiarism has many more modalities than art theft, of of which, the most common one actually is reproducing or recreating other peoples compositions and ideas without crediting them. The key defining feature of plagiarism is the lack of credit and attribution to the original work.
When you post something to Steem, in absence of any credit or attribution it is assumed by default that it is your original content, so by not crediting or citing any other work you are implicitly saying it is your original content.

08.12.2019 22:46

Well I can’t force my opinion on you, but yes, I’m a professional artist with well over a decade of experience and I’m an instructor at an art university where I’ve taught art for years. So if you don’t think I know what I’m talking about, that’s fine, but I’m just telling you what I know. Obviously you can keep doing whatever you want, but at least this case specifically, isn’t plagiarism.

08.12.2019 23:02

I would love to see a conversation between you and Mr. @armandosodano on this issue, who btw has nearly 4 times your experience, you could end up learning a thing or two from him.

08.12.2019 23:14

I’d be happy to have a conversation with them. What I’m saying isn’t really much of an opinion. Plagiarism is something that can get you expelled from a university. It’s very serious and has a clear definition. If you said, look at this, this artist basically copied this other artists work and claimed it was an original concept. I don’t think that deserves rewards, I wouldn’t argue with that. I’m just saying it’s not plagiarism, because plagiarism is when you claim credit for their actual piece, or directly integrate their work into yours without credit.

08.12.2019 23:23

Claiming credit for their piece is only the most blatant and basic form of art plagiarism, which is almost never used in the actual art fraud world, the most frequent modality of art plagiarism is art paraphrasing/rephrasing, which consists of reproducing/recreating another work and taking a considerable part of its composition, style and subject. As you can see in the above pieces, the user took everything, composition, style and subject, from another persons work, without any credit, as you say "directly integrate their work into yours without credit.". In fact, I repeat to you, that is the most common form of art plagiarism in the world, the one that most court rulings over art plagiarism consist of, barely none are direct art theft. It is very strange to me that you are unaware of this.

08.12.2019 23:43

I’m aware that people do that, and I’m not saying I support it or anything. I’m just saying it’s not plagiarism. As you mentioned, plagiarism is legally enforceable. That means it needs a clear definition which is the one I (in brief) described. Something like this might be frowned upon, but it’s not plagiarism.
The test you can use is, if I sold this would someone have a legal case against me, if not, it’s not plagiarism.

08.12.2019 23:59

Perfect, and Im clearly explaining to you that the vast majority of art plagiarism cases ruled against the defendant by courts all over the world are not direct art theft, they are art rephrasing/paraphrasing cases. So clearly, the definition you provided, is not the technically correct one.
And let me remind you that when posting it in steem, a user is legally attempting to monetize a certain content, what you colloquially call "if I sold".

09.12.2019 00:17

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15.12.2019 21:36