Doodletrends Drawing Contest: Fierce Succulent

Hi my Steemit friends and Doodletrendistas,

Good day to you all. I am joining the Doodletrends Drawing Contest which is organized by @steempampanga. The theme or task challenge for today is Create a Fierce Succulent Character

Here is my official entry. I used black permanent marker and a scrap of paper I found in the office in creating this art. Done in three minutes. My idea for this entry is the tall and thorny cactus that is quite familiar to most of us. That iconic form with three branches commonly used for Mexican themes. How can I make it look fierce? Aside from the thorns, which look fierce already I took it upon the eyes. I gave my character those sharp looking slit eyes to give him some fierceness that smells like danger. Despite it being fierce, I decided to put that flower on its head. Succulents usually have flowers so why not add that as an interesting detail to my art. What a nice touch is it not? He is coming for you. Look he is running and ready to get you. Another fun experience doodling this character. I could not think of a name for now. I am feeling satisfied with the look and that is alright for now.

I encourage you to participate as this art contest is basically open to all art enthusiasts no matter what level their skill could be. If you are new or looking for fun activity to engage in, this could be one of those.

Thank you for reading my post keep steeming. Try to think out of the conventions and who knows you might just create something fun or interesting. Until next time my dear Steemian friends. I am running a bit late. This is done on my coffee break like I always do.

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Reminds me of Final Fantasy

19.07.2019 17:26

Hi there thank you for dropping by.

19.07.2019 19:34

I can see what your thoughts are while making this entry. Great job

20.07.2019 08:31