Doodletrends Drawing Contest: A.I. Mantis

Hi my Steemit friends and Doodletrendistas,

Good day to you all. I am joining the Doodletrends Drawing Contest which is organized by @steempampanga. The theme or task challenge for today is create an artificial intelligence mantis
Here is my official entry. I used sketchpad and black marker in creating this art. I finished this one in 01 minute. Yes, pretty quick and simple. I was doodling what I think is a mantis. In my head I know mantis have a triangular shaped head and sharp looking claws. My mantis character looks like he can dance but I am still pondering where the AI part is. That means it took me a while to come up with an idea and this is not my best. LOL.

I encourage you to participate as this art contest is basically open to all art enthusiasts no matter what level their skill could be. If you are new or looking for fun activity to engage in, this could be one of those. Have fun and enjoy.

Thank you for reading my post keep steeming. Until next time.

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