Steem Pope Short Sermon: Blogging Basics


I suspect most who read this post are here to write as well. STEEM is about content creation at least as much as it is about content curation. We all have our unique interests, so I can't exactly tell you what you should post. The most I can do is encourage you to practice. Strive to hone your craft. Master the written language. Perfect your photography. Keep making art. Become better at whatever you're here to do.

Remember, the blockchain is potentially here as your permanent record for the foreseeable future. This isn't a website like the social media giants that could crumble and vanish. As long as there are users maintaining the blockchain, your work will be maintained along with it. This is your digital legacy. We're also here to grow, so it's OK to make mistakes along the way, but keep the idea of permanence in mind as you leave your record here.

Since the blockchain is so different from the old mainstream social media platforms, I do recommend not doing a few things, though.

  1. Don't spam. Strive for quality over quantity.
  2. Don't plagiarize. Give credit where credit is due, cite your sources, and try not to violate the byzantine mess of various intellectual property laws if you can avoid it.
  3. Don't pander. Chasing popularity probably isn't worth the effort.

Instead, develop whatever it is that defines your individuality. Be genuine. Be honest. Create what you would value if someone else were making it, if that make sense. Find your niche and fill it. Then blossom into greatness over time.

Be the Steemian you wish to see in the world!

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So, what you are saying is that if i do not write a blog, no one will see it, and i will get no upvotes?

24.10.2019 15:30

Steem is a game, you gotta play to get paid.

24.10.2019 20:10

"Remember, the blockchain is potentially here as your permanent record for the foreseeable future."


I've been preaching the permanence and legacy value of the Steemit blockchain for years. This is, for me, one of the great, if not greatest, benefits of writing on Steemit. I don't have to pay to maintain this lovely archive of my work...

Also one of the reasons I've been trying to develop a usable library indexing my writing here, and why I lobbied for years to have the ability to edit older articles.

With blockchain, we have the possibility that our work may outlive us, even if we aren't rich and famous authors.


25.10.2019 06:28

Being genuine is key. I want to be proud of anything I put up here, even if it's just a random blog. It's up to others to decide if it had any value.

30.10.2019 10:26

Thus our mutual aversion to bid bots.

30.10.2019 17:46