Meme Sedition


I have often been told to respect the flag, pledge allegiance, and stand for the national anthem because, "People fought and died for that flag." This line of argument crumbled under scrutiny as I examined the premises behind it. Nonetheless, the sentiment is common.

The flag is a government symbol, nothing more. It does not represent virtue any more than any given corporate logo. If soldiers fought to protect my liberty, it necessarily includes fighting for my right to dispose of my property as I see fit, provided I do not violate the life, liberty, or property of others in doing so. Further, they especially must have defended acts of protest against the government the flag represents, including destruction of that flag. If soldiers literally fought and died for a scrap of cloth, they fought and died for nothing worth respecting.

If you feel otherwise, don't impose your feelz on me. Explain your position like an adult. If you think my reasoning is wrong, state why, but be prepared for more challenges to your beliefs.

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Y u no worship Holy Pole Quilt like a good slave?

04.09.2019 02:07