Library Under Construction

This week has been harrowing thus far. Construction began for our remodeled circulation desk space. Most of the work has been done before we open each day this week, but there is schedule overlap, so our work day begins with a Shop Vac roaring as the crew cleans up. Our temporary circulation desk is set up to one side, but none of our supplies are where they should be for now. It is a bit challenging to get anything done. And we still have the massive reshuffling of our entire collection coming up next month. Uffda.


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You'll be happy when it's done, though.

I'm glad your library wasn't forced into it by the necessity to remove blood stains like ours was. I guess mostly ours involved replacing carpet around the circulation desk and replacing some bullet-damaged shelves.
I still get sick with anger when I go in there.

20.07.2019 00:41

We need new carpets, but not due to bloodstains, thank goodness. We are no longer officially forbidden from carrying guns in our employee handbook though, so there's that.

20.07.2019 02:52


21.07.2019 01:54