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It looks like your shelter is coming along nicely! I hope the weather is cooperating. I love the message board. That's a fun idea.

24.10.2019 13:12

It sure is coming along well @goat-girlz! Yeah I like the message board as well and thought it was a nice touch. :) The weather has been hit or miss lately but for the most part it is cooperating. The night I moved into the rained!

24.10.2019 13:21

Perfect timing! I haven't been paying attention to Steemit for the last few days, so I haven't seen any updates from you, but since our weather has been difficult, I assumed yours might be too and I'm glad you got under cover in time.

25.10.2019 00:33

Indeed it was perfect timing @goat-girlz. It not only rained for two and a half days but it also got rather chilly. It was a hard push to get the shelter situated but I was incredibly relieved that I was not in the tent for the bad weather!

25.10.2019 00:43