Autumn Leaves Digital painting

Digital drawing of the autumn leaves , they are going to dropped very soon , i am choosing the picture for my digital drawing, because the beauty of the nature is my first priority and i love to make painting of the nature to make it more beautiful.


Corel Painter X3
Digital Tablet

digital autum(3)(2).jpg

digital autum(4)(2).jpg

digital autum(5)(2).jpg

digital autum(6)(2).jpg

digital autum(7)(2).jpg

digital autum(8)(2).jpg

digital autum(9)(2).jpg

digital autum(10)(2).jpg

digital autum(11)(2).jpg

digital autum(3)(2).jpg

Comments 2

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13.05.2020 07:20

I like very much your final result, especially how you made the shapes of so many leaves, that made it look natural :)

13.05.2020 18:33