Official Presentation of Auricoin Money to the Nobel Committee for Economic Sciences


Auricoin is pleased to inform the Crypto Community in general that today, March 22, 2021, the Auricoin money was officially presented to the NOBEL COMMITTEE FOR ECONOMIC SCIENCES, chaired by His Lordship President Peter Fredriksson.

With this, we seek the academic recognition of this prestigious institution. For the creation of the First Monetary Cone in the World, which contains all the necessary characteristics of the duty to be of money.

The Auricoin money has three objectives, for these reasons, it is essential that the Unit of this make up its three functions: Unit of Account, Deposit of Value and Medium of Exchange. In addition, these are intertwined with each other, and for themselves, within their Unity, harmoniously united and balanced inseparable, without any contradiction between them, so that they function perfectly. This is how Auricoin money is achieved to be the first monetary cone that your Unit is composed of its three functions, which will make it a fundamental pillar for achieving economic and social development, balanced, sustainable and lasting through time, which is so necessary at this time and which will benefit all of humanity, without distinction of creed, race or social strata.

Having achieved for the first time the most important creation in world economic history, which will bring incalculable benefits to all mankind, we cannot leave out the Crypto Community, since it was Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto one of those who inspired the creators of Auricoin money, for the creation of this unique and important monetary cone, which will bring wealth, progress, prosperity and happiness to all mankind.

A thousand thanks Mr. Nakamoto, if it had not been for your creation, this international monetary cone would never have existed.

Auricoin money was created thanks to the theories, studies and research carried out since the 18th century by great economists dedicated to studying the subject, as well as by the thoughts and works carried out by the Schools of Economic Sciences.

The Auricoin money represents and compiles the characteristics, qualities and functions that money must possess in order to be classified as MONEY. In the Auricoin money, there are all the necessary components, all the philosophical thoughts, about the duty to be and the role that money has in the economy, since its creation.

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