Overcoming loneliness

The key to meaningful solitude is not ignoring the outside world, or ignoring yourself. I am talking about being without any external distractions for some time. You need to find a way to block out your electronics or your social networks for a month, and find a way to be alone. While it can be difficult, you can experience solitude through writing, journaling, listening to music, thinking, looking at things, or simply waiting.

On the other hand, if you're not sure whether you're alone or not, you can try to listen more carefully to what others say about you. Take your loneliness for what it is: a clue. Try to get to know the person who's making you feel it. Be sensitive to the subtle clues, and you might find that you never feel lonely again.

With loneliness, you become plagued with depression. It's not only that you feel depressed—it's also that you feel like you don't belong in this world, even though you do. Loneliness is a permanent state of being. You can only escape loneliness when you become a happy person. Achieving this state of mind is the key to happiness. It's not about filling yourself with things or indulging in things. It's about living a better life.

This could be easy for someone to answer but ultimately there is no right or wrong answer. Your answer can differ according to how you feel at the time and from person to person. The best answer that I can give is simple – you are unique, and you are going to find the answer that works for you.

Isolation is often a marker of depression, and feelings of alienation and loneliness can impact the way you perform at work and interact with the rest of the world. So, if you would like to experience true, honest happiness, it's best to find the right balance between open relationships and your alone time.

Overcoming loneliness is also the true measure of success in life. Loneliness causes pain, even death. It's a choice to lead an emotional life.Choose a mental health practice that heals you. Imagine making the choice that is better for you than finding some happy person who has that broken heart. Treat your bad mood as an opportunity for growing and learning. When you're tired and upset, wake up and start fresh. Your mind is ready to learn a new way to focus.

Rather than feeling lonely, choose to be with other people. Each of us, whether we are alone or not, makes choices to use the world, how we react, what we do, whether it's passive or active, whether it's a school project or work. These are all decisions we make each day, and they affect whether we feel lonely or not. When you are a truly able to enjoy what you are doing, when you feel happy doing it, when you feel that you actually enjoy it, when your mind is clear, when you can think clearly and when you can focus life goals.

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