Life needs true friendship

Being a friend doesn't come cheap. The push back from fellow social fellow's who don't think or act just like you because they're not you and doesn't want to be like you doesn't always work out as well as you might have thought. As long as they respect you enough to stand by you and listen to you without responding with anger or throwing a temper tantrum, they are willing to listen to you. The compliment you will give them on their view is less important than your general attitude towards them.

You have to be able to respect each other's needs and priorities. Be careful not to let your emotions control you. Keep in mind that what is important to them is not always important to you. Your friendship with them should be based on a balance of respect for each other. Be open and honest about what you feel. It's extremely important for you and for them to be open and honest about the things that are troubling you. Both of you need to feel heard and understood.

Even though a friend may have complicated and unforeseen situation they are committed to make sure that you are happy and content. Don't be afraid of a true friend because they will be there for you and for the right reasons. Significance is that when you ask a friend to change their life or to not do what they have been doing, they are going to work their hardest to achieve their goal. A true friend doesn't give up. This is important because if you are being pressured by a friend to change something and you do.

Some friends you don't even need at the moment because they are there when you are and they'll help guide your thinking. But, if the relationship requires you to "rotate" relationships and cut ties with them from time to time you don't want a fake friend, because it's not consistent, authentic, or honest. Real friends you want to trust, like genuine friends. When you were going through some difficult times in your life you don't want a friend that creates stress and only has the "feeling" for you.

Not a lot of people are genuine and honest. I've heard it countless times. What will happen is that if you can maintain the bond and friendship with them over the years and will not betray them, then you will likely never again feel the existential (I don't have any friends) fear of having no friends. I believe it has to be genuine. It's that simple. Being able to keep a relationship or friendship with a person like this one requires a lot of dedication and a very consistent vision.

Some people who are friendship cementers keep their friendships going when things get tough. They turn to their friend to relieve their burden. Their friend will be there to listen, to understand and to hug. They become a friend to you because you provide the path to get there. When a friendship is short-lived, as with a post-college roommate or an old friend who doesn't call often, it's time to let it go. Then, after a few months, your friend might call again. If the friendship is strong, you might even make plans to spend time together.

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