Embrace your emotions

Some moments matters. It can lead us to better health. But it can also cause us to abuse our emotions, and make us unhealthy. Find peace in your life, on those days. Let go of everything you don't want. But embrace everything you do. We are such complicated beings. We live in a place that constantly tries to break down our societies and way of thinking.

We are all unique and fragile, and love yourself is the most important thing for us to do. When we are in a tough moment, we need to recognize the existence of how fragile we are. Our vulnerability is always there, and it is something to be embraced. If we are able to embrace our vulnerability and recognize the self-love, we'll have a chance to move on and move forward.

Did you know that only 27% of adults believe in emotions? Are you aware that the average adult has 100 to 500 bottled up emotions that they are willing to let lash out at anyone who may attempt to help them? Do you know that there is nothing wrong with these emotions and there is nothing to feel guilty for expressing them? Not only do our emotions need to be handled wisely, but they also need to be embraced. Emotional intelligence is the essential wisdom in being an emotionally healthy adult.

We all have secrets and we all have fears. In the old days we could try to control or check them with our emotions. Now, with technology and our phones, we have a much easier way to manage our emotions. For example, sometimes our parents are our first teachers and they come in between our feelings and our judgment. This is useful because it means our understanding of the situation is very clear. We can trust our parents.

Many people go through several stages of emotion. Usually the one we find most suitable for what we are working on isn't something we were actively feeling before. Sometimes we take a step back to see that a certain emotion is just there for the sake of the activity, but we don't embrace it because we are too busy, bored, or distracted. We adopt that emotion and go with it because it is part of our emotional repertoire

Remember, everything feels better when you embrace yourself. It makes the world go around and when we catch ourselves doing something weird or something that's off, it's a good opportunity to be intentional about it.

Actually, it's better that I become perfectly emotionless. Now I'm able to have a day free of emotion and find happiness in the best moments. One of the most important lessons for me is to not think too much about it. When I'm in a happy moment I don't think about how it was, I just experience it, enjoy it.

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