Cristiano Ronaldo in best football player ever.



Love him or not believe me or not in this world there is no football player today that can be compared to CR7.
I know this is annoying when you are a Messi fan but the truth is and will remain that Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player that can not be replaced in this world.

I am not only basing my argument on the number of Champions League he has worn with different sides.
Not only basing on the trophies he has worn with the different side he has played for.
Not only basing on the very many goals he has scored for the different sides he has played.

But basing on the fact that he is the only complete player that the world has ever seen and will ever see.

CR7 play perfectly all the numbers on the football pitch. From 1 to 11. Plus the coaching season. I have ever seen him on the touchline with Portugal when they won the

I am very blessed to live in this generating and see the goodness of the besing football payer that has ever lived in the world.

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