#463. Harmony - The decentralized economies of the future

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Let me share with you one interesting project if you haven't heard before.

Harmony is a decentralized and open infrastructure blockchain technology which is capable of linear scaling and it enables unprecedented transaction per second which can easily scale as the network becomes heavily utilized.

Their Mainnet has 600 nodes, which the fully shared POS blockchain. It has been launched on june 28th and is one of the top 15 decentralized network.

I has saved on of the most scalability issue which is faced by many existing projects. It has also partnered with Animoca to develop new ecosystem for crypto collectibles.

The report by Binance on DeFi shows that it has been one of the most use case of the ethereum network, as a result it is expected to get worse as the industry keeps growing.

It is full scalability, secure sharding, Fast and efficient consensus, adaptive-Threshold PoS, scalable networking infrastructure, consistent cross shard transaction.

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