What are the Advantages of Trading on PrimeXBT?


PrimeXBT is a relatively new player in the global trading game, yet it has brought much to the table in this short period of time. The multi-asset bitcoin-based margin trading platform has moved from strength-to-strength, at the same time as many other exchanges have cracked under the pressure of peak volatility.

So what exactly does PrimeXBT offer that’s caused the young trading platform to grow so rapidly? Herein, we will take a look at the major factors that’s got the trading community buzzing.

Margin Trading

PrimeXBT is one of the very few crypto trading platforms that features margin trading with the highest possible leverage across all available investment markets (digital and traditional assets). This means that traders can profit irrespective of the market’s condition, by going long when it’s rising, short when it is falling, and amplify even the smallest price movements in sideways trending markets.

With the highest leverage offered by any other provider, PrimeXBT traders can risk very little of their own capital for the opportunity to significantly increase their position’s exposure - thus their profit potential.


Range of Available Assets

PrimeXBT offers the greatest range of the top-performing crypto-asset pairs all with up to 100x leverage. These include:


Additionally, PrimeXBT also offers 30+ traditional instruments in the world’s most popular financial markets, across FX, commodities, and stock indices, with varying leverage of between 100x up to 1000x leverage.

Due to the fact that PrimeXBT is Bitcoin-based, access to these once exclusive investment markets is unprecedently equitable and anonymous, with no KYC or sensitive information required.

Advanced Trading Engine

  • Sophisticated and powerful charting technology, allowing users to place trades directly from the charts.
  • Reliable and robust API - maintains accuracy under pressure.
  • Fast and precise order execution.
  • Multi-level security system with 2FA, encrypted SSL (https), Cloudfare DDoS protection, cold storage, and much more.
  • Highly customizable, modern, and user-friendly interface.

Multi-Screen Support

PrimeXBT is the only crypto trading platform with multi-monitor support, allowing traders to spread their interface of various charts and markets across two or more screens.

multi-screen support demo.png

First Crypto Trading Platform to Offer a P2P Co-Fund Management System

PrimeXBT recently released a preview of the upcoming Covesting Module, which will allow professional traders to create and manage funds that other traders can then choose to join and benefit from the exact same profit/loss ratios. The fund's performance data is made public for investors to view and compare, with info such as ROI, the number of investors, fund creation date, drawdown ratio, and much more.

Fund managers earn a commission from all of their follower's successful trades (an unlimited number), while investors benefit from the experience, advanced strategies, and the same ROI of proven successful traders.

Risk Management Tools & Strategies

  • Portfolio diversification strategies are made possible due to the various asset classes and widest range of cryptos with equal leverage allowances (minimize overall loss with contrasting markets which may react differently to the same global economic events).
  • Advanced orders for clear entry/exit strategies include: stop loss, OCO, take profit, protection, limit, market, etc.
    Hundreds of technical analysis indicators, such as: Bollinger bands, RSI, Fibonacci, MACD, oscillators, and much more.



On PrimeXBT, you can go long and go short on the same (or different) assets at the same time.

Synchronous Mobile Trading Apps

Mobile applications are free and available for both Android andiOS devices and they offer the exact same trading experience as the desktop version - invariable assets, leverage, order types, TA tools, customizable layout, aggregated liquidity, etc. The benefit of a mobile app can not be understated, as it gives traders the edge and freedom to never miss an opportunity - no matter where they are in the world.


How to Learn More

As you can see, there is a lot to discover and take advantage of at PrimeXBT. Yet, there’s even more that hasn’t been mentioned here. For instance, some of the lowest fees, high-pooled liquidity, a net aggregation feature, one of the most lucrative referral programs, etc,...the list goes on.

If you like to learn more, I’d recommend you check out the PrimeXBT website and trading platform, Medium blog, and the company’s Twitter page for regular updates and developments.

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