Trading Global Financial Markets with Bitcoin?


The global financial market is vast and varied, consisting of many different types of asset classes including stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange, to name a few.

In order to participate in these global financial markets via a traditional fiat-based broker, it is compulsory to submit your most sensitive personal data, pass a number of verification checks, and in some cases meet certain criteria of wealth/income.

However, this can now be avoided by alternatively employing a legitimate bitcoin or cryptocurrency-based broker that does not require a KYC. Aside from maintaining anonymity, there are a number of benefits to this option.

  • For one, cryptocurrency is a decentralized payment network that executes transactions autonomously without a middleman to take a cut of transaction fees, thus commission fees tend to be incredibly low comparatively.
  • Access via a crypto-based trading platform levels the playing field by providing investment opportunities between parties anywhere in the world. This allows individuals even in undeveloped countries without nearby banking institutions to participate in the global financial market.
  • Bitcoin and crypto assets are highly volatile, which presents the opportunity to further diversify a trader’s investment portfolio and create opportunities for overall increased returns while simultaneously reducing risk. By spreading capital across a variety of different asset classes, traders' odds are increased as different asset markets will react differently to the same economic events.
  • With no KYC, opening a trading account is quick and easy. You can be signed up and trading with full access to all financial instruments within a minute.

Where to trade a variety of financial instruments with bitcoin?

Namely, PrimeXBT is the dominant bitcoin-based margin trading platform that features this possibility to access traditional financial instruments in forex, commodities, stock indices, in addition to major cryptocurrencies.

This new-age trading platform has grown exponentially since the start of the year by providing the possibility to margin trade with the highest leverage across all assets - up to 100x on all cryptos and indices, up to 500x on commodities, and up to 1000x on forex.

Last week a spotlight was shone on the solid technological infrastructure of PrimeXBT, as it reached its highest trading volume to date and operated flawlessly while other major crypto exchanges temporarily shut down under pressure as a result of bitcoin’s flash crash last week. A number of media sources reported on the occurrence.

There is no KYC to gain full access to all of the platform’s assets, margin allowance, and advanced features. These features include:

  • Highly customizable and smooth UI.
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • High liquidity aggregated from 12 leading sources.
  • Real-time market data.
  • Instant and precise order execution.
  • Ultra-low fees at only 0.025% on all trades/assets.
  • No minimum deposit/maximum withdrawals or associated fees.
  • Powerful charting technology and sophisticated drawing analysis tools.
  • Covesting module for co-investing (coming soon).
  • Net aggregation tool to effectively manage multiple active positions.
  • Hedging, i.e. long and short the same or different asset concurrently.
  • Robust multi-level security infrastructure (2FA, DDoS protection, cold storage, SSL encryption, cryptographically hashed passwords, and much more.
  • Superb mobile trading application (unvarying precision and features as desktop version).

With access to the world’s leading financial markets, in addition to the most favorable trading conditions with the maximum potential for profit, PrimeXBT is well-equipped to host the influx of traders entering the cryptocurrency and global financial market via their bitcoin gateway.

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