The Top 5 Forex Broker CPA/Affiliate Partnerships 2019

For professional affiliate marketers, social influencers, blog owners and anyone that just knows a bunch of people, forex affiliate partnering can be one of the most lucrative online endeavours available.

The amount of money to be made by affiliate marketing can often be understood as a function of the potential number of users for an industry, take away the already present user base, multiplied by the levels of profit that platforms will typically make from each user.

As an example, there may be a lot of potential new users of a messaging app, but the monetary value of each new sign up for the business behind it is free or almost free. This means that paying out $100 per new signup is prohibitive in most cases.

The reason that being an affiliate for forex companies is so profitable is that the exact opposite is true. Data from Brokernotes shows that the total forex trading market is worth $1.93 quadrillion, with daily global trade volume being $5.3 trillion. The retail market is about 5.5% of this, meaning that each day retail forex traders around the world trade $291.5 billion.

Forex brokers typically generate a lot of revenue, each new user has a non-trivial financial value on average, and as such, paying affiliates above average reward rates for new signups is common for forex platforms.

The Top 5 Forex Broker CPA and Affiliate Programs in 2019


FXTM, or “ForexTime”, is a global forex trading platform launched in 2011 and headquartered in Cyprus.

The FXTM affiliate program consists of 4 levels that are each determined by the number of number of active traders and traded lots within the 30 day qualifying period.

“Basic” tier is for affiliates that have brought in between 1 - 5 clients, with a maximum CPA of $250.

The next level up is “Silver” tier for those with between 6 - 30 clients. A CPA of up to $600 is achievable here.

Following that is “Gold” tier for those with between 31 - 40 clients. A CPA of up to $800 is achievable here.

And finally is “Platinum” tier for those with over 41 clients. A CPA of up to $1,000 is achievable for Platinum affiliate partners.


PrimeXBT is one of the largest multi-asset margin trading platforms in the world, listing the best crypto-assets including BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC and XRP, and many of the top traditional assets including stock indices, forex, commodities and metals.

PrimeXBT provides its affiliates with a 4-tier revenue share system, where the fees from all direct signups are shared at a rate of 50:50 with the referring affiliate.

What differentiates PrimeXBT’s program in comparison to others is that they then provide further revenue sharing on any referrals from each of their direct signups, in a repeating fashion, 4 levels deep!

Needless to say this can significantly boost total revenue from outreach, and no other affiliate program in the financial world provides this feature.

PrimeXBT also provides some of the highest CPA rates available with up to $1,000 for each qualified trader.


EasyMarkets is an online platform that facilitates financial trading for assets classes that include forex, shares, cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices.

EastMarkets provides their affiliates with earnings from confirmed signups. Confirmations are made either by trading volume for the user, or from the deposits made onto the site.

EasyMarkets offers either a CPA of $200 - $400, or a revenue share of between $5 - $50 per lot.

In order for affiliates to be viable for payout they need to earn $250 in a month. If less than $250 has been earned in a single month, it will be rolled over into the next month.


Plus500 provides trading in a wide range of asset classes including forex, stock indices, commodities, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and notably, was the first company to provide a Bitcoin CFD in 2013.

Plus500 affiliates are provided rewards of up to $650 CPA’s or revenue shares of up to 25%.

The minimum payout amount is $150 and payouts are made for affiliates of the platform on a monthly basis.

What do you think about our list? Do you agree with our choices, or do you use a broker not included in our list (yet)? If so, add the platform and the reason why they should be in the top 5 in the comment section, and we’ll be revising the list ever few months.

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