Multi-Millionaire Bitcoin Trader Releases Guide To His Strategies


Self-made multi-millionaire Bitcoin trader, Rob Graham, hasn’t always had things go his way.

He’s spent years learning about crypto trading and lost tens of thousands along the way as he gradually developed a strategy that not only works, but has given him double-digit profit margins on a weekly basis.

Now, as Rob is beginning to receive mainstream recognition in the media for his successes, he has penned and released a comprehensive step-by-step guide, outlining a few of his key strategies for winning in crypto markets.

Rebalancing Work and Play

Rob transitioned from his path as a successful entrepreneur into crypto trading in order to rebalance how much he was working with more opportunities to enjoy life.

“Even though I had a successful career, and helped to build successful companies, I had always wished I could achieve more work-life balance”.

As a businessman, he built and worked for a number of companies. But he saw the chance to trade cryptocurrencies in order to work less while potentially making even more than he was as an entrepreneur.

Rob began experimenting with different strategies and methods of trading crypto, as well as using many different trading platforms until he found the right one, and with the combination of a successful strategy and a platform with the features he needed to execute, Rob began seeing the revenue he had been looking for.

The Key to Higher ROI with Cryptocurrencies

In his guide, Rob outlines a key factor in his success: leveraging. Leveraging Bitcoin is the process of using only a comparatively small amount of BTC to open a position, but for the returns from that trade to be a higher multiple of what would normally be gained.

Rob explained the importance of finding a platform that had a solid reputation with its clients, and which would allow the ability to use higher leverage than most crypto traders typically provide.

PrimeXBT ticked both of those boxes, and after experimenting with other trading platforms, Rob began to execute his strategies on PrimeXBT and see dramatically higher returns than could be possible on a platform with low leverages like 5x. PrimeXBT provides the highest leverage on the widest range of crypto-assets, with an industry-leading 100x leverage possible on BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS and LTC, and more.

Rob’s winning strategy includes the combination of leveraging with the use of specific indicators to signal the right times to open and close trades, and generate reliable profit within cryptocurrency markets.

Rob’s exclusive trading strategies can be found in his guide, and more information on his trading platform of choice can be found at PrimeXBT.


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