Crypto Traders Moving to Traditional Markets En Masse During Coronavirus


With the period of time we are in including the 3rd Bitcoin halving, as well as the volatility created by the coronavirus pandemic over the past few months, there have been a large number of new traders moving into the cryptocurrency market to get a share of the profits on offer.

Another trend that we’ve seen is for some cryptocurrency investors over the past weeks and months to be transitioning their assets from the cryptocurrency market to the traditional markets of the world.

This article will explore exactly why this is the case, and what the opportunities are that are being exploited currently within the traditional markets by cryptocurrency investors.

Coronavirus Has Changed Global Trading


Since the true gravity of the coronavirus has become apparent to traders and investors around the world, the global market has profoundly changed in a way that makes the situation distinctly different from prior to this event.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen fear, uncertainty, and volatility throughout global markets around the world, and has thrown into doubt the economic performance that the world was enjoying prior to the pandemic taking hold.

This has been seen as much in the cryptocurrency market as it has been in the traditional markets of the world, however where volatility and large selloffs that impacted the cryptocurrency market have now seen widespread recoveries in price to even above the pre-crash level, within traditional markets around the world volatility remains and the assets within traditional markets are still widely oversold.

Crypto Traders Moving to Traditional Markets


In a somewhat unexpected trend that has been seen over the past few months, cryptocurrency investors and traders are transitioning their funds en masse into traditional markets.

This has been as a response to the recovery in the cryptocurrency market and subsequent reduction in the potential opportunities available there, in stark comparison to the lack of a recovery within global traditional markets, and the abundance of opportunities to generate profit in that sector.

What is predicted is that there is a delayed recovery within the traditional market that will mirror the recovery seen in the cryptocurrency market, but is yet to manifest, and therefore presents a substantial opportunity for cryptocurrency investors.

Multi-Asset Platform PrimeXBT’s Trade Volume Balloons During Pandemic

image_750x_5e57ae587f596 (2).jpg

Amongst other platforms that provide a bridge between the crypto asset and traditional asset markets, PrimeXBT has been a stand-out trading platform that has enjoyed a large expansion of trading volume during the period of the last few months.

It is PrimeXBT‘s facility as an easy to use, secure, and effective bridge between the cryptoasset market and traditional markets that has been appealing to cryptocurrency investors looking to transition their funds.

The platform having the lowest fee schedule of any major cryptocurrency trading platform with a low flat rate of just 0.05% on all trades has also been a strong incentive for various types of traders to use the platform.

As well as this, PrimeXBT is secured with bank-grade security features such as full risk check after every order placement and execution and hardware security modules with rating of FIPS PUB 140-2 level 3 or higher, and this has reinforced the reputation of the platform as it has never been hacked or breached.

In Summary: Crypto Traders Moving to Traditional Markets

In these unprecedented times, savvy cryptocurrency investors and traders have seen that the opportunity that best suits the situation is actually within the traditional markets, and have transferred the funds into traditional asset investment en masse over the past weeks and months.

This opportunity may not persist for longer than another few more weeks, and therefore it may be a one-off opportunity that will deliver substantially higher returns than the opportunities presented in the largely recovered cryptocurrency market at present.

PrimeXBT operates as a secure and streamline bridge between the cryptoasset market and traditional market, and this is why cryptocurrency investors have adopted the platform in order to transition their funds into traditional asset investments.

To find out more about PrimeXBT and how to use the platform in a similar way, check out this link.

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