My adventure in music production. #2


The most beautiful memories I have of my childhood are related to fairy tales, some were fun and beautiful, and others deeper, leaving a very good teaching at the end.

Taking that as a reference, fantasy and everything that gender entails, has made a part of me to be a dreamer. Being a child of 7-9 years, I ran into the revolution and growing evolution of video games; Surely, like other children, it was the starting point to learn more infinite stories, with incredible characters, unforgettable moments and best of all ...

"The plot"

An epic adventure that I am sure I will never forget in my life. If you have played the game you will surely understand me, and if not, what are you waiting for? haha <3


Today will bring you a beautiful song based on the memories left in my childhood The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and the wonderful Kokiri forest, where fantasized about living an adventure in my own flesh.

Without further ado, please enjoy it and don't forget to leave a little like!/@jackreinhardt5/20191110t163639999z-fairy-dust-haise-blanc


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