Food! Food! Food....That was what I was thinking about today...yummy


These Salmon, Spinach Poached Eggs are just so delicious. Even though the presentation is so simple, but I guess the taste is more important than the presentation.


My daughter attacked her dish with speed and zest that I nearly wasn't able to capture this picture. It shows the cut up of the eggs, showing the spinach on one side and the hidden salmon on the other side.


This is a Caesar Salad with Breaded Chicken that we have ordered. The freshness of the salad topped with the crispy chicken make this dish a winner. We always order this dish whenever we visit our favourite restaurant. I guess it is the freshness of the chicken and the juicy succulent chicken that differential them from their competitors.


This dish is called the Seafood Baked Rice. As can be seen, it was well browned with the cheese swopping out on the top. The fish fillets, shrimps and other seafood ingredients are hidden inside this delicious and lovely 'cocoon'. The spices they used are infused into this dish of wild rice, coupled with tomato sauce. At the top, you can see the 2 blue mussels forming part of the presentation. I wish I have taken a better and clearer photo to do justice to this dish.

I am sure what I have shared are making your mouth watery and would like to be sharing these dishes. I will be going around and when ever I come across some dishes, I will be sharing here on Steemit.

All photos are 100% my own.

Thank you for reading and hope to see this being shared if you like it.


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all of that looks incredible. A quest of mine that I have at least not yet been able to accomplish is finding a place that poach eggs properly. Yours look as though they were done right.

18.10.2019 08:50

Thanks for your comment. Yes not many places can make good Poach eggs. My family love it. Glad that you like my post.
Have a lovely weekend.

18.10.2019 09:41