Colour Challenge - Tuesday - Yellow. Heard of Yellow Ingot also known as YuanBao in Chinese

I would love to own these YuanBao, whether it is real ones or for decoration purpose. They are being used by Feng Shui consultants and Feng Shui Masters as part of their recommendations to bring in Wealth and Prosperity.

These Yuanbao are referred to Wealth Ingot long time ago in China. Because of it's shape of a boat, it is associated as 'smooth sailing' for business negotiations, smooth sailing through life to overcome obstacles/problems .

The centre of the Yuanbao that has a rounded mountain refers to a mountain of wealth on a smooth sailing boat for those that own them. So many Chinese houses will have these different sizes of decorative Yuanbao to signify that their family and house are filled with 'gold'/ wealth and that things will be well and good in life for them. They will sail through bad times or bad situations.

The real Yuanbao is make of solid Gold or Silver and used as money/currency in the old days. No one Yuanbao is the same as these are hand craft / hand made and it varies in weight. At the bottom of each Yuanbao, there is a marking of the goldsmith or silversmith crafter.

From the Feng Shui perspective, Yuanbao relates to wealth, money and good luck. They are said to attract wealth that will lead to success, bring in good luck and increases as more and more money will flow into the house that have many Yuan bao displayed inside the house.

Some of my Chinese friends hang lots of decorative Yuanbao in their house to brighten the place, these are light in weight and can be hung anywhere. My friends claimed that the reflection from these Yuanbao keeps the insects away especially when the wind blows and they swings around. Well these Good Luck ornaments must be working as I can see that they are upgrading every few years to a new house (bigger ones) and they are building up their wealth slowly but steadily. When I have my own house I will also be investing in some Decorative Yuanbao. Hopefully one day i get to own ONE real solid Yuanbao.

I wish all who takes the time to read this post, will get Good Luck, plenty of wealth and most importantly Good Health.

Thanks for reading and God Bless

Photo - 100% my own, taken with my mobile.


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