What On Earth Is Happening On WISH (the sales app)?

I am talking about the app called "WISH".

Not sure what anyone else has seen or experienced in the past week or so, but there is something absolutely crazy happening on WISH.

What exactly?

Well, in the past week there have been numerous items selling for $1 USD + $1 Shipping/postage.

Sounds too good to be true, right!

So I sent the customer support department a message and they replied to me that I was merely covering shipping costs and that it is all OK.

So I went ahead and ordered a bundle of items.

With each order that had any of these items listed for $1+$1 postage I had to order an item that was listed at the usual prices.

Figured that isn't much of a problem, after all, there are dozens of items that I have purchased at $1 + $1.

What a bargain, right.

Mannnnnn, can't complain about any of that can I!!!!!!!

Well, on all of those items it was listed that 'the items could get refunded as a result of the seller not being able to fulfill the order' (limited stock blahh blahhhh).

I figured that was all OK, nothing wrong with that either. Right!

Then last night the phone stared doing its "PING" sound over and over again. The one saying that I have a message on my WISH app and then another one that I received an email (from Pay Pal).

My item was processed, my item was refunded and the refunds went ahead one by one.



So from all the items that I ordered only the ones that were not on sale were not refunded.

Now, I would not have an issue with any of this, except for the following facts:

When I purchased the items, my $ AUD were converted to $ USD. Which comes at a fee, likewise on the way back from USD to AUD when refunded.

Then there is the conversion ratios, I lost $0.02 AUD per $1 USD, as the trading prices on the markets went that a way over the few days that WISH was holding my money for the items that I thought I was actually buying.

Plus to make things even more interesting, I used up some of my "customer loyalty bonuses" that I get in the form of a % discount.

So yeah, I even used up my discount "vouchers" on purchases that were big but ended up being minute.

What a waste that was! As I keep those for the "bigger" purchases. After all, every dollar counts!

So now I tried a new approach, to see just how far this "scammy sale" is WISHing to go.

I ordered 1 item at $1+$1 and 1 regular priced item.

To see if that too will be treated the same way as the ones from before.

Although, I did that already, but I figured that it could be "the date of purchase" at question, so I did only one purchase today for only 1 sale item + 1 regular priced item.

Waiting to see what happens.

However, from what I see, if I am one of many millions of people who got this "sale" made available to them, WISH has potentially made multi millions of dollars just in the "exchange rates" and boosted its "sales" up through the roof, making its marketing campaign as one of if not THE most used merchant site/app.



I will be fair and state that I NEVER had any issues with Wish to date.

If something didn't arrive or if it was faulty, no problems they refunded it.

A few times I didn't complain about little things, after all one usually gets what one pays for and the prices on WISH, well, they do represent the quality of many items that are offered via that app.


I tried it out, you can too!

But after my experiences, I dare say you should be very careful with it.

So far so good as far as "refunds" go, but with the above complaints that I listed.

& yes, the old saying of "If it looks too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true" is more than applicable here.

Luckily I have my wall here on Steem to get all this out of my system and to share this experience with others, so that others don't go through it all too!

Wish everyone a great weekend,

Yours truly,

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Ohhhhhhhhhhh That sucks :(

03.08.2019 21:28

Definitely, just when the hopes get up to earn a legit dollar or two extra towards paying off the land we put a deposit on.....


Everything falls through!

04.08.2019 10:51

On flat earth* everyone know that :v

03.08.2019 23:21

How sneaky is that!!!

04.08.2019 06:21

I'm a firm believer in the old bulls theory of "buggering them all"!

That definitely applies to these organized groups of sellers on Wish and possibly WISH too, if the had their fingers in it!

04.08.2019 10:50

My boy went a bit wish happy a few months back, and ordered quite a few different items on this offer of $1 and shipping. To be fair all of them turned up, and while it was mostly cheap pointless rubbish he was happy with the tat that kept arriving through the post box. To be fair the Donald trump bog roll is hilarious, he got a magnetic wrist band that is actually really good for keeping screws and tools to hand so to speak, a pretty cool fake silver chain with Viking type emblem - not to wear but a nice ornament.

But I think if anything that you know would be ten dollars plus normally is offered on the sale - good chance it is a scam. I bet the sellers do that to get interest in the product, and hope people will go back and pay full price after the refund.

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04.08.2019 10:20

I'm talking all sorts of items, like walkie talkies, drones, cordless drills etc etc etc

I've sent them a few emails too, they have replied to one, askign for proof of the bank costs I have and the loss in conversion.

So at least they are showing some "interest" into the DAMAGES they are causing people in their "turnover wheeling and dealing"

  • let's not forget that China is still a tight fit socialist economy.

;) every "foreign dollar" into the state owned banking systems is two foreign dollars ledgered through the state budgeting systems.


04.08.2019 10:48

Ah that sucks then, sneaky way for them to capitalize on exchange rates. Well I hope you find somewhere a little more reliable.

04.08.2019 11:06

Just to show proof of what I am talking about:

then this:

When you calculate the figures it = $0.07 AUD lost per $1 USD spent on a fake promotion.

Plus the bank fees for all the conversions as each transaction went via the bank each time, both out to Wish and then back from Wish.

So, yeah, a 7% loss + huge bank fees which are calculated per each transaction.

I'm not going to stop on this one, that is for sure, I am going to hound them hard as I am a loyal and regular customer who does not deserve to get ripped off and screwed by them via some "promotional sales" that 99.9% of them never happened = FAKE ADVERTISING!!!!

Misleading and very financially DAMAGING FOR US THE CONSUMERS!

04.08.2019 12:55