Reinventing The Wheel!

So, what did they think?

D: "Hey man, I have this awesome idea, we'll make money and the people will think that they can change the world!"

N: "Yeah, that is brilliant."

D: "Here it is man, we'll have it up and running in no time."

N: "What if it actually shoots off and we have to be serious about it all?"

D: "No problems. All we do is fake an argument and do the same thing again under a new name. Can't fail. Trust me"

& so it came to be!

The alt left and the alt right along with those who claim that their sh#t doesn't stink all bit the bait D and N are enjoying the weekends and their Lambos are cruising all over the US of A!


Any similarities to real events or real people could be a coincidence.


Yours truly,


Waiting for this post to pay out and have the last laugh!

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Don't be laughing at my mule, it doesn't take kindly to people laughing at him.

21.08.2019 23:58