I'm on YOUTUBE (Podcast) @jackmiller

My announcement podcast, stating that I am now on YOUTUBE!

Well, I guess that the only way to make it known is to get the information out there.

So apart from my podcasts being shared onto YOUTUBE, so too shall I have other videos as this has just opened up an entire new world of communications for me.


Notes: the podcast was shared to various channels via Anchor.FM,
some photos and graphics used in this video were sourced from Pixabay which is one of my favourite sites.

The emoji with "the hat" was supplied to me by @saffisara (a fellow 'Steemian' - person utilizing the Steem blockchain ).

Feel free to share to your friends and thanks for your time, look forward to being a vlogger and sharing my life and times with everyone out there.

Yours truly

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I like the name Jackmiller.

08.10.2019 11:01