What Makes Steem Different?

A few years ago that was an easy answer.

Everything from an economy that was offering a lot more potential change to the mindsets of people out there all the way to the fact that people were able to hang out together in ways that resembled some other social networking sites.

However, today, after a few years it is not that easy to answer this question.

There are other social networks out there that reward people for activity, there are other ecosystems out there that are pretty much a copy paste of Steem with a few little changes that could best be described as "experimenting with peoples minds" and the list just goes on.

However, there is one constant in all this mayhem out there.



All these other 'platforms' out there want Steemians to use their "versions of Steem".

They want US.

& our money!

Yet what is disturbing is the fact that the numbers keep going down.

The number of active users.

So as our user base decreases so to does the demand for Steem.

Not just our currencies Steem and SBD, but Steem and us Steemians.

Once upon a time when we had 100K active users (guestimate figure) every online business wanted to do business with Steem.


Because of us Steemians.

To them we were a new customer base.

So maybe the mentality of some needs to figure this cold hard fact out before than what they go out and think of any new schemes on how to make Steem great, all at the cost of the one and only valuable asset, resource, backbone that we have.

Every time a Steemian leaves, that is one unique individual who can never be replaced.

Just wanted to get this off my chest prior to all the upcoming FUD that could happen in a few days time.


Yours truly,

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