What? Broken?

I openly and sincerely wrote this in a private chat the other day:

JackMillerYesterday at 17:17
Wouldn't be the first time that members of government use their positions of "power" to go shopping... literally waltz on in with their shopping cart/trolley and pick and choose what all their demands are for a "vote" on any changes.
What I see here is = to what we see in governments all over the world.
So much for the "alt left/right" and the "anarchists"
as a wise man once said once the second bucket was made:

"same Sh#t, different bucket"


How so?

Well, think about it.

Pointing fingers at the governance, the people we vote into government is not fair.

The people in government constantly stating "We" without defining WHO ALL they include in that "We" is misleading.

or worse yet, totally typical for what many class as "politicians" = when the government points the finger at "the voters" (the people).

Which is somewhat arguable, but still not acceptable by any standards.

Let's go back in time:

SMTs were full on in all the "headlines" some time towards the end of 2017.

Then we saw a bunch of energy and funds all pour into EOS.

Yes, EOS.

It was outright stated by Dan that he was out to get Steem.

The propaganda was that EOS will kill Steem in just about any way imaginable.

How many hours, weeks, months and cumulatively YEARS of work hours were put into EOS by people who are in our Steem governance?

Seriously, think about it.

How would all this go down in the "real word"?

What would company owners be doing to those who were in bed with the competition?


Don't judge, just think about it.

Remember, all of us vote in our government (governance).

Lets go back to a time that some may still remember.

January 2019.

"HF Freedom" aka "HF 21"

Who all has forgotten that fiasco!

Here is a comment I wrote to someone in ref to that, sincerely and openly.

We have been literally "fighting" the SMT battle since 2017
Steemit Inc. has even had a gun held to their heads with the HF "Freedom" (aka HF21 from January 2019)
all from whom?
our very own government that we all voted i
that was outright EXTORTION
Call it whatever you want, let anyone present it any way they want, that is = CORRUPTION!


So please don't go pointing fingers.

The responsibility is at all levels.

The current HF, HF21.

Literally proves what our GOVERNANCE (Government) is responsible for.

& no, it is not "just code".

It is about EVERYTHING that makes an economy function or dysfunction.

Don't believe me?

Here it is, read it and think about it:

Source: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@steemitblog/smart-media-tokens-are-coming#@andrarchy/pttyfo

Who ORDERED the changes in HF21?

Sure, some of the people who wanted them were likewise whales who can vote or unvote witnesses.

These whales may have some leverage and influence.

However, let's look at the facts:

The general FUD being thrown around at the beginning was insinuating that Steemit Inc. was responsible for these changes we see in HF21.

Well, they were TOLD to do them, by our top20 (the government/governance).

Well, when that was finally made clear, that it was not Steemit Inc. putting in these changes and that it was the Top20, then the general FUD about this HF21 changed to:

"Steem is broken".

Which brings us back to the first few points made here in this short recap.

What came first the chicken or the egg?

So with all the FUD flying around over the past couple of years and all the potential conflict of interests out there which are the exclusive responsibility of us voters to look after, all I can really say is:

"Kinda reminds me of the BS in real world politics, doesn't it!"

Had to get these thoughts out there one more time prior to all the FUD and finger pointing that will be going on in a few days time.


Yours truly,

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23.08.2019 19:30

No, the witnesses ask for many things...

Ned showed up out of nowhere to push it in slack.
Vanderburg made a post about it.
They offered to code it and said it would only delay the hardfork by 2 weeks.

The original target for dropping of the SPS code was mentioned by Eli on air in Mid June.

So, It's a nice story, but it doesn't pan out.

23.08.2019 19:41

This comment was made by me... wrong account. :)

23.08.2019 19:42



it is a story.


I didn't see any of the top20 denying anything that was stated by Steemit Inc.

So I guess there are two potential options out there:

  1. Steemit Inc. told the truth about who ordered the HF21 changes


  1. They did it and with some magical powers of hypnotism forced all the members of our governance not to say a word about it anywhere in public.

Either way, proving that what we see here is = what we see in real life governmental politics.


23.08.2019 19:47

Connecting it to EOS is the part I am referring to as a Story.

Do you know if Smooth is involved with EOS? Do you know if Marky is involved with EOS? Do I have anyway to know whether or not you are involved with EOS?

See unvote Luke and Jesta because they are no longer focused on Steem. That is fine. Painting it like it is a dan lead conspiracy to wreck ned, just makes ned look even more lame than he already does.

23.08.2019 19:52

Listing facts that happened at the time (so only relevant to the members of government at the time) is not "painting a picture".

It is stating facts that are now known to be 100% correct, as stated:

How many hours, weeks, months and cumulatively YEARS of work hours were put into EOS by people who are in our Steem governance?

Seriously, think about it.

How would all this go down in the "real word"?

What would company owners be doing to those who were in bed with the competition?


My point is crystal clear.

Dan never hid the fact that he was out to get as many Steemians as possible to become a part of EOS.

Dan never hid his intentions as far as making EOS = outright competition to Steem.

Hats off to him for his up front statements in the public arena.

So, the statement I made stands:

The number of work hours put into EOS by many Steemians who were directly involved with the overall governance of Steem (top 20 in general) were work hours put into our competition and not into Steem.

That is an undeniable fact.

Not to mention the fact about comparing these types of business dealings with the business dealings of the "real world" markets.

That too is crystal clear how many things are just a rerun of all the corruption seen in the "real world" markets to date.

Who wants to see it can, who wants to believe in used car salesman pitches or politician like speeches is also welcome to do so.

Which again confirms that what is seen here is actually not all that different to the "political" scenes of various governments anywhere.

23.08.2019 20:03