Want to HEAR What The Mainstream Media Won't Tell You? SOLAR ACTIVITY is RESPONSIBLE For HEAT!

Now imagine that!

The sun is responsible for heat.

I mean, seriously, who would have thought.

Has solar activity been fluctuating/changing over the centuries? YES.

Are we definitely seeing a change in solar activity, as per what the most credible EXPERTS state? YES.

Yet, how much of these facts do we hear about in the mass media? NOTHING.

Nothing in comparison to all the other non proven theories that are apparently opinions of various people, some of whom are accepted as being knowledgeable or even experts.

What I am responding to is this video, in which outright LIES are being spread by the mainstream media, literally LIES.

An "Expert" was caught "fibbing", literally contradicting himself, basically for the purpose of "clickbait".

Is "popularity" among those who fall for the mass media propaganda, "the inn thing" more important than facts?

Decide for yourself:

Now, I am not an expert, but in the video, we saw/heard it from real experts that base their statements on FACTS and not opinions.

I don't mind facts about human contribution to our atmosphere being put out into the open, in fact I FULLY SUPPORT IT.

FACTS not opinions.

Definitely the way to go.

However, when "popularity" or "clickbait" become more important than the facts for the so called "experts" then we have to ask ourselves:

What else have we been lied to about?

What else has the mass media lied to us about and mislead us on?

I can understand that there are political agendas out there. I disagree with that being a factor in "news". News should be FACTS, NOT FICTION (opinion).

Yet, it seems that we are literally being misinformed, mislead by a politically motivated mass media propaganda machine that Goebbels himself would be very proud of. As it seems to have done its job.


When is THE TRUTH not worth hearing and knowing?

When do opinions, twisted hand picked partial pieces of information and political agendas matter more than "THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH"?

I guess that these times are now here where THE TRUTH doesn't matter, where black is white and white is black.


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04.01.2020 12:21

Well blimey! The sun’s hot! 😅 @tipu curate

04.01.2020 12:24

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/15 - need recharge?)

04.01.2020 12:24

Imagine that, the heat from the sun is what heats us on this planet.

& WOW, the heat levels from the sun change from time to time.

Guess someone out there didn't pay the gas bill and a cold wave is on its way!

04.01.2020 12:26

Hoping we get rain tomorrow.

04.01.2020 12:28

Need to do a rain dance or something!

or MAYBE if we humans had used our engineering knowledge and made ourselves some working desalination plants to ensure enough fresh water supplies are available, we wouldn't have to wait for rain!

But then again, wtf does this old codger know!

I hear ya bro.

04.01.2020 12:31

Consider this Jack...

If the sun's thermostat suddenly was turned up some degrees for some reason it would most certainly send more heat our way. The effect of CO2 in the atmosphere is that it traps solar radiation in the atmosphere. That is not a theory.

So you seem to be suggesting that because the heat of the sun may be increasing there is no need to mitigate that effect on earth?

04.01.2020 13:21

No, hell no, I am not in any way suggesting anything that negates the facts of science.

All I am outright stating is the fact that the facts are not being presented to us via the mainstream media. That cherry picked information is being twisted to suit certain political agendas instead of being news services that inform people about the facts.

I am outright picking on the media services out there that do not relay ALL the facts to us.

As for the sciences, I leave that to the experts and personally, I am more leaning towards those that do not care about "popularity" or "clickbait".

Being "in" is something that NEVER bothered me in the slightest, as many even here among us Steemians have noticed, facts, efficiency, results, not opinions and feelings.

Simple as that.

Glad you brought that up, many people tend to read into things instead of reading what is written.

As I state often enough:

"I can only be held accountable for what I say, not for what someone understands."


04.01.2020 13:37

Here is something that "mainstream media" doesn't mention:


Well, it obviously isn't in line with the "in thing" and definitely not in line with the agendas which are becoming ever so evident.

Scary thought that the information available and proven is not relayed to us "the people".

That is literally = the day and age of Goebbels.

04.01.2020 14:42

Gave the video 6 minutes of my time. It did not surprise me that plants would love a carbon rich atmospere. Perhaps they talked about it later in the video but you can have things as carbon rich as you want, yet without water the plants are not going to do well no matter how carbon rich the atmosphere. Mars is a good case in point.

The increase in global temperature will see more dust bowel like conditions. Part of Syria's original problems are said to have been from abnormal dry conditions which effected farming and the migration to the cities from the rural areas.

Are you suggesting that there is a downside to reducing our carbon emissions? Even if the science is shaky the downside of reducing carbon emissions is hard for me to see. Electric cars seem better to me than fumes spewing ones. Solar, hydro and wind electricity seem better than that generated at coal burning generators.

Is there something that is going over my head?

04.01.2020 15:15

If the media keeps presenting only "some" important information to us the people, then we become ignorant of the facts that were not presented to us. We become intolerant to the facts and those presenting the facts that we are not familiar with.

As we happening all over the world currently.

As far as us humans reducing anything that we as members of this planets ecosystem affect within the ecosystem can only be a good thing.

& that is dependent on our ability to utilize our abilities of creativity, ingenuity, i.e. new forms of energy, carbon collectors or in the fields of water; desalination, fog (humidity) collecting and many other technological solutions, some simplistic, others very tech. in nature.

Israel is a very good example of how humans can utilize water much more effectively, so well that what is probably one of the driest areas of the world are now exporting water.

There are people out there who have greened the desert, without chemicals:

and those who have rejuvenated the land by changing the way they do things in agriculture:

I as an individual believe that we are capable of using our gifts of knowledge to create solutions so as to move forwards and not backwards.

I believe that mankind can do good.

However, to return to the evils of "propaganda" that I am trying to make people aware of.

One thing that is in "the news" more and more, is that Australia is "guilty" of producing way toooo much CO2.

Sure, Australia is guilty of producing CO2. All nations are.

Maybe it is a high % per capita, after all, Australia is a nation that has come very far in ensuring that the quality of life is available to almost everyone on the continent.

Yet, none of that does not change the facts, the truth, that Australia is responsible for some 1% of the CO2 produced by mankind.

Currently, China and India are responsible for the bulk of the CO2 man kind produces.
Yet the mainstream media and some very loud extremists, fanatics seem to ignore that. I sure isn't mentioned no where near the amount of times that Australia is mentioned.

So, where is the logic in that?

It is something that needs to stop.

The TRUTH, FACTS need to be presented without agendas, without 'opinions', no matter what anyone may think.

We are living in a world, in which the "mainstream media" has become a propaganda machine, that is only comparable to the propaganda machines of times in our history that are not necessarily the brightest in morality.

To confirm your point:

Anyone who rejects the abilities that we humans have to use our creativity and ingenuity to fix what needs fixing in ways that are not backwards in nature, is rejecting the good that mankind is capable of doing.

We are part of this worlds ecosystem and in order to be a positive part of it, we need to know ALL the facts, so that we can make the right decisions.

04.01.2020 15:40

So, where is the logic in that?

The logic goes back to the very first of the global meetings to deal with climate change. That was that the developing world said, listen first world, you have been causing this problems for going on 200 years and now you expect us to cut emissions at the same rate as you? It appears to us that we have a little catch up so that our people don't continue to remain in poverty like colonialism has done to us over those 200 or more years.

Everyone agreed. It was the only way to move things forward.

On the positive side renewable energy is growing at a much greater speed in China than any of the first world nations with a few exceptions like Germany and some countries in Scandinavia. Scandinavia chooses to export their oils to other countries to burn while they take the profits and put them into renewable.

Everyone is playing the game as best they can. They are juggling numbers and spinning narratives.

Pointing fingers is not going to heal the planet. I have not had a car on the road for about 8 years now. My transport is bicycle and public. My diet went to an aspiring vegan one from a meat eater about the same time. It was for environmental reasons yet there were some surprising health spin offs.

We all must do what must be done. No leader can do it for us. No broadcaster should be trusted for anything. There is not Australia and China when it comes to the planet's health. There is only we humans. Be you Chinese or Australian we all breath the same air.

04.01.2020 18:33

The logic in that is the fact that we are being lied to, that information is not being relayed to us.

Hence, when a person is misinformed or to say the least "not informed" the decisions made are not based on facts, but on partial facts and opinions.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with stating facts, although when a person does state the facts, then too often that person is accused of "pointing fingers".

Why is it wrong to state the fact that China has produced more CO2 in the past decades than the entire population of the world in the past idk exactly how many centuries.
Is that "pointing fingers" or stating fact?

Why is it pointing fingers when one states the fact that Asia produced more pollution than the rest of the world?

Why is it pointing fingers when one states the fact that Asia is responsible for over 90% of the plastics (and all other trash) in the oceans?

Facts are facts, no matter who likes to hear them or not.

Moving forwards, YES, moving backwards NO.

Humans are capable of fixing what has been buggered up, as the examples I gave earlier prove.

Are humans willing to do that is an entire different question.

There is the logic in that.

Rational thinking and logic should apply when discussing topics and in order to do that we need to be properly informed, with ALL the facts.

If we keep being lied to and mislead, there is no way on earth that anything good can come out of it.

04.01.2020 19:10

Why is it wrong to state the fact that China has produced more CO2 in the past decades than the entire population of the world in the past idk exactly how many centuries.

Where did you get that fact?

04.01.2020 19:36

Looks like they started spiking just about the same time as capitalists in the west started shipping manufacturing to China to produce their consumer products to sell back to the west. You are selling your fact, again, like China is some isolated case that is getting all the benefits while increasing their pollution. We were even exporting out plastics and other garbage to them until just recently when they put a stop to it.

Out of interest what have you done in the last 8-10 years to help with climate change?

04.01.2020 19:57

That is correct.

The "Made in China" tag on products is definitely noticeable in all stores around the world and that is EXCLUSIVELY the result of cheap labour in China being utilized by many a corporation from many countries.

All this started when the WTO allowed for democratic nations to do business in/with China.

Another undeniable fact.

& it isn't "my fact", facts are facts, no matter who likes them or not.

If I was trying to point fingers, I definitely would not have put the link showing who all is ordering products from China. I deliberately put that link there to show that I am not "taking sides" on the issues that exist. You seem to think that I am.

The only side I am on is that of the whole truth and nothing but the truth being relayed by the mainstream media instead of "partial cherry picked facts" and often enough "outright lies".

Why the mainstream media does that is obviously somewhat related to "ratings" and that is related to "money" and that requires them to be in touch with "the in thing".

As for your question on what have I done, I will state the following:


However, we have grown our own vegetables and fruits for over a decade prior to moving back to Australia and when we have a place of our own we will do that again. (currently renting).

We purchased other food products from local family owned small farmers, some just rural folk that sell what they themselves produce.

If we purchased any of our foods in a super market, we would buy local not foreign, as we know that local is best and cleanest. This was more an economics reason, but we know that it is the most environmentally friendly too, as there are less logistics involved to get the product to the local stores.

& I drive on a combination of used and new vegetable oil. Only in winter do I mix 50/50 with fuel from the servo. Again, more economical a reason than anything else, but am aware that this is better than driving on fossil fuels, so it gives me a sense of "doing better than driving on diesel".

& heating is on wood, not gas or electricity in the home. It is the best for heating, we would not do anything else. Again, personal choice and I know that it is environmentally friendly.

As for other things, well, I had (still have it and plan on doing it in Australia too) a mill for used plastic. So I would collect used plastics from the locals and put it through my mill, then sell it under all the competitor prices, sometimes even with a "break even" price. Did this for two reasons:

  1. There was a small profit in it.
  2. Yes, I saw that I can make good of something that is otherwise an issue.

Was it "recycling" that got me into that? Somewhat YES, I remember how many times I did the numbers and asked myself "wtf am I doing this for" and the answer that always weighed in was "at least I am doing something good as far as the amount of rubbish out there goes".

Just stating it as it is, not making it look or sound prettier than it is.

Can I do more, definitely YES.
Shall I? idk what the future holds for me, but I do plan on going totally "off the grid" when we get settled back home in Australia. Definitely the plan. Will it happen, idk, fingers crossed.

So NO, I am not doing everything I can and I doubt anyone out there is.

You asked, I answered. Even with more detail than what many out there would and definitely without twisting the facts around to make them sound better than they really are.

Even if this isn't the topic of the post, it is definitely a great offshoot of it, as it should get people more aware of just how important it is to be fully informed about all the facts on the topics at hand.

Hope you won't judge me for telling the truth.

04.01.2020 20:30


Sounds a bit unfair to say "nothing" or perhaps you're just being humble. You have better practices than most in my opinion.

04.01.2020 20:40