To Be or Not To Be? That Is Still The Question! (Sharing Thoughts)

Let's go through a little recap of some major events that have helped shape what we (don't) see today:

Way back in the start it was “the rigged block producing” game, many don’t know anything or much about it, but as many describe it ‘Dam Larimer rigged the game by not making it a fair and equal playing field….’
So not to go into too much detail, it started off with a “BANG” (a shot to the foot).
Then as things started changing and Dan was not on the Steem scene, we saw EOS pop up, after which numerous then top20 witnesses (some still today) run over to EOS and spend endless hours of hard work to help build EOS, while Steem was promoting Smart Media Tokens “SMTs” which were promised by the end of 2017, then again in 2018 and here we are today, with SMTs on the list of things that are coming in 2020.
Unfortunately, we saw “money talks” in action and yes, no matter what anyone says, I stand to be corrected:
“If the same amount of hours put into EOS in 2017 and 2018 by those top20 Steem witnesses were to have been invested in making Steem great and not into making EOS great, many things here on Steem would be different!”

Then let’s go back to the event that shook the world and brought about changes that are still rocking our scene today.
As was perfectly described by a fellow Steemian during a discussion on the topic;
“…they held a gun to his head, it didn’t have bullets in it, it was unloaded, but I see your point, armed robbery is armed robbery, no matter if the gun is loaded or not, the fear is there as the victim doesn’t know if the gun s loaded or not…..”

Although this was more so a case of something that in the real world might not be “robbery”, but it sure did get people doing things that were not in the plans. We saw all sorts of weird and wonderful changes occur, from forks named “sidechains” to some totally new people getting positions and who were never a part of the private company at question, to Ned Scott, kinda not being seen or heard of again.

Makes one think, doesn’t it!

Since then, we have seen other great and miraculous things happen, such as a flip on the support for services that put a constant demand on Steem. Yes there was damn good reasons for it. Yes, I am talking about “bid bots” (as most referred to them).
The irony is that many of those now against bid bots, were those running them. The same people who refused to burn the SBD when converting to Steem (via the exchange option in our Steem code), so as to not put so much pressure on the ecosystem in which the quantity of SBD is reduced and the backing of it with Steem can be ensured (as per our economy).
All about the same time when some stake holders maybe put an ultimatum out to these decision makers, not necessarily the same as the “unloaded gun” scenario, this time, it was definitely loaded. However, with that came “the crab bucket” portion of our Steem Whitepaper. Yes, it came into full force.
Instead of spreading the wealth, we saw the exact opposite.
Which we are seeing abused today in full force by so many, since the introduction of “FREE downvotes”.
Now some may disagree, that is fine, all the power to you, ‘everyone has an opinion’ as the old saying goes. Yet, I am not expressing an ‘opinion’ above, I am merely recalling on factual events that are now historical, “can’t change the past’ as I often say!

So, the point to this is where I finish of this little saying about “the past”.

“Yesterday is in the past, can’t change the past, it is what I do today that can make a difference.”

Looking back, I see many things that still need addressing, all sorts of things, from the further decentralization of the governance, to include (but definitely not limited to) a higher participative nature of decision making processes, to ensuring that once people physically die that their witness votes are nulled, all the way to changing that damn ‘crabs in a bucket’ mentality.
Likewise, the “loyalty” to Steem issue is by far the most important and vital issue that still exists and is still “the ball and chain” holding many things back.
What is priority #1 to those calling the shots?
is it Steem or exclusively personal wealth?

Some may argue that it is both in the one and same “motivation”, yet the question then gets put forward by myself, after seeing so much time, effort and outright work into building other things, that put Steem in second, third and even last place at times:

What are your priorities?
Where is Steem on the list of priorites and loyalties, compared to your other businesses that you seem to be putting so much effort into?

These are questions that all Steemians should be asking themselves when making decisions about our government (governance).

No, not all is “gloom and doom”, in fact I see some things that are above and beyond personal greed.
Here comes a quote from a fellow Steemian from Austria:
“Steem will be everything it can be once people stop equating (and Steemit Inc) to Steem”.
(basically those are pretty much his exact words).
This has been buzzing in my head for years now, heard it earlier from others too, yet it was after a discussion with this Steemian that it sank in.

Today we do see many more options out there for Steem, it isn’t all about “”, we are not secluded to blogging and nothing else.
In fact, we are seeing things happen even without SMTs!
Marvellous, fantastic, “you little ripper” as I would say when with those who speak the same dialect of English as me.

So we have moved forwards from the “exclusion” mentality and actually seen the adoption of “inclusion”.
WOW, what a leap, compared to the recap of events that I started with.
Who, why, where, how and WHY?
Well, add to that “priorities” and “loyalties, because we all remember D-Live.
“###########**%%%%%%%%%%’s” that is my opinion of them!
Note: the hidden text is censored so as not to use foul language in public.

So where are we now?
I see that we are moving in the right direction.
That is a lot more than what many could conclude when looking at the past.
Even with all the nooks and crannies, we are definitely getting out of the “subjectiveness” that we fell victim to and moving towards “objectiveness”.
Might not seem that way to some with all the “downvoting” soaps happening and getting all the silly attention that they get, but if you look at where we were and where we are, it is crystal clear that what the future of Steem holds is definitely a lot more than what we see around us today.
If we have managed to cut ourselves loose of the shackles that we put ourselves in by not wanting to allow anything different onto our Steem blockchain, then we are finally free!
The playing field is now open to ideas, opportunity, diversity.
Something that were only words in the past, they are now becoming reality, not necessarily along the path that many would have hoped for, but yes, we are there.

Which brings me to my final statement in this post,
“Are we finally accepting individuals and free thinkers, or are we still listening to those who repeat the same old things, like parrots?”
Or let me word that another way:
“Free thinkers or those that keep pitching the same old free set of steak knives?”

Yours truly,

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14.02.2020 14:22

Can you please not put these automated comments on my posts.

I am not a fan of "automated comment spam".

14.02.2020 14:30

For a moment, I thought this is owned by you.. @jackmiller 😂

15.02.2020 19:45

Your blog content idea was originally @jackmiller's so your automation sharing it here is a slap in the face!

Downvoted for stealing another's idea.

15.02.2020 08:20

‘Dam Larimer rigged the game by not making it a fair and equal playing field….’

It was a control issue mentality which has gone viral with EOS' governance, in my opinion. Still waiting for that shoe to drop when some important transaction is rolled back or some other blockchain etiquette is broken on the EOS chain; bringing on a replay of ETH Classic.

14.02.2020 14:39

As stated, many of the same people that were (some still are) in our governance, who helped shape what we see here today were making EOS happen, when they were most needed by all of us Steemians.

Can't change the past, it was what it was.

So why would anyone expect anything different anywhere people who think and do things that way at any time in the future?

Sure, we hear words "I love Steem", yet their actions are what proves the insincerity of those words.

Not judging, just stating historical facts.

14.02.2020 14:44

As stated, many of the same people that were (some still are) in our governance, who helped shape what we see here today were making EOS happen, when they were most needed by all of us Steemians.

Totally agree. @lukestokes lost my witness support over it. It is my feeling that history will show them to have made the wrong choice.

14.02.2020 14:52

Steem is diversifying in its business without any "new" features.

We have seen many things happen, before we saw any SMTs see the light of day on Github.

So Steem has a lot more potential than what anyone ever realistically ever thought.

Not to mention the sidechains, no matter what anyone may think of the existing ones, the fact is that it works.
Again, proven in practice. Something that many other endeavours out there will never be able to handle.

We long ago beat the hell out of Visa as far as daily transactions go.
That is old news! Yet still very relevant, even if we don't brag about it nowhere near as much as we should!

It is all there, the pieces of the puzzle are al slowly but surely being arranged and very slowly & still somewhat un+surely being put into place.

14.02.2020 14:59

@taskmaster4450 posted an interesting article which documented the growth of JSON activity on the Chain.

A couple of days ago after making some claims on it was made all the more evident to me the vast amount of activity on the Chain which has little to do with blogging.


14.02.2020 15:28

But then again, as proven many a time, it seems that there are many who believe that everything and everyone has a price!

14.02.2020 17:16

The link seems to be lost to me, behind a login wall.

JSON does have a cost, though, in RCs.

14.02.2020 18:48

Steemit Inc., the largest decentralized blockchain-based social media and blogging platform, announced a strategic partnership with TRON Foundation. TRON and Steemit’s development teams will immediately begin working together to bring Steemit and other Steem blockchain based DApps to TRON blockchain and its community of over 20 million users, products, and services.

14.02.2020 18:51

Steemit Inc., the largest decentralized blockchain-based social media and blogging platform, announced a strategic partnership with TRON Foundation.

Any link to the announcement?

14.02.2020 18:53

Thanks for the shot. Pretty big sounding news. One wonders why there is not much noise of it on STEEM.

14.02.2020 19:08

Well, our famous EOS, oops, I meant Steem Witness, Luke popped out of nowhere with his halo all polished up!

Ned came out of nowhere with more sarcasm and absolutely no Vaseline in his message.

So, yeah, it's out there.

Guess when some private business uses its stake to sell an entire community of people from all over the world, without any communications before hand about it, then there are no smiles anywhere except for those few who took the money and are laughing all the way to the bank.

Man, how this makes for a meme about "slave trading", but that would be so non PC!

14.02.2020 19:12

Well, our famous EOS, oops, I meant Steem Witness, Luke popped out of nowhere with his halo all polished up!

How ironic through the lens of our previous comments. 😅

Well my belief is that stake holders should be expected to desire the project to succeed. Defining success may be different from one stake holder to another, yet at face value this arrangement does not sound like a bad thing, per se.

14.02.2020 20:03

It adds more options out there, but the ninja mined stake of Steemit Inc. is definitely going to come into play here, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

The post/announcement clearly states who all is in cahoots on the deal and makes it very clear that it was all done behind closed doors.

Add to that the business practices that are allowed and accepted by some, there will be no room for any type of disruptive interference in the "transfer of everything".

Done deal.


Only thing possible by the looks of things is a fork, i.e. "Steem Classic" as was mentioned by @pharesim in his post, resteemed, ooops retronned onto my wall minutes ago.

14.02.2020 20:08

Other than a new boss same as the old boss, what is the drastic downside of the transfer of power by your way of thinking?

14.02.2020 21:29

I don't see a down side.

More opportunities are going to open up for people.

There is an opportunity to finally get rid of the ninja mine effects, to get rid of the constant FUD that having a shadow over us all the time by the name of Steemit Inc with its stake caused.

Nothing bad.

What sucks is the fact that they are selling us off in that "package deal", as if we the people are a product with a price tag.

Says more about them than anything else.

Let's say "disappointed" in the lack of respect and the fact that they couldn't do anything transparently, openly and publicly, so as to ensure we are all somewhat kept in the loop.

Sorry, that is not what the ideals of blockchain technology are about.

They literally just killed any ounce of respect that any blockchain and crypto enthusiast could have had for them.

The just proved that in their eyes we were nothing but pieces of meat and they are the butcher selling it at the markets.

So, that is the downside, the idea that Steem was, is by no means dead, as many of us still believe in it. While those that agree with the sale of us and our data to the best bidder is OK, well, I dare say that they sure have another thing coming their way.

14.02.2020 21:37

It seems simpler than that to me. There is a control freak that thought to take all of his toys and go home when his creation grew out of his control and a snake oil salesman that hung on to a winning loto ticket, like a dog to an ankle, awaiting the pay off.

A close scrutiny of parents does not often bode well. Their offspring should be our only concern.

It's only business.


14.02.2020 21:52

14.02.2020 19:16

Wise words as always @jackmiller .. some people have been around long enough to see through the bullshit ..

14.02.2020 14:50

Hear ya bro.

14.02.2020 15:01