The Gratitude Challenge! @jackmiller

The Gratitude Challenge! by @theycallmedan .

I am going to keep this short and direct to the point.

Who knows, maybe it helps some people get to know me a little better, as a Steemian and as a backup Witness and as a person/individual.

So let's start,

As per the questions in the challenge:

What has steem done for you?

Ohh man, Steem is the reason I have gotten into Crypto.

Before Steem, I was just one of those that "knew about the existence of Bitcoin".

Steem has been the motivation for me to literally spend more time studying up on Crypto and Blockchains than what rarely anything out there has ever been able to in the past.

On a personal note, Steem came in at the perfect time. Am still trying to sell our family properties in Europe and get back HOME to Australia, to be with my wife and our children.

So Steem literally could not have become a part of our lives at a better time.

Have you met some awesome people who have changed your life?

As in "real life", there are many great people in every venture out there. So the obvious answer is "YES".

Have you earned some rewards on a post, and maybe bought something useful/cool with the money? (photos please!)

Have contributed Steem to a number of goodwill endeavours here among Steemians and in "real life" too, all via Steem!

Yes, the entire family got involved with all the "real life" donations, 2 year in a row now!

This is the photo that I love, "Everyone doing their bit", "Pitching in".

& yes, I have paid for various things via Steem, from all my logos that you see on this post to idk what all not.

Just wish I could pay the remainder on the property we put a deposit down on back home in Australia.

That is eating me up alive, not an hour goes by in which I don't think about that since February this year and February next year is the cut off date for us to get the money into a heap!

Has Steem been useful as a foundation for you to build an online profile that can never be taken from you?

In some ways yes. I was pretty much about to throw in the towel on all "social networks". Then I came across Steem.

So the answer would be "YES".

Even if I have never been a "blogger" (writer) I am still an individual and as such I do appreciate the fact that I can have a place on the World Wide Web that I can in more ways than one call "Mine".

What I do love is the fact that I see the potential Steem has to offer to this world. To everyone with access to the internet.

Seriously, this revolutionary economical model has more to offer than what anyone of us can ever imagine.

Literally an opportunity to achieve what no political parties or "activists" have achieved to date.

& it is so BIG that the "politicians" and "world leaders" have a lot to be worried about, along with all those who currently "control the money".

Having said all that, I think that it is time to thank @guiltyparties for nominating me.

@theycallmedan for getting this going.

& the three Steemians that I would like to nominate are:

@enginewitty , @snook & @inthenow

When you read their posts you will all know and understand why I chose these three individuals.


Yours truly,

If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones


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Nice Jack! It works both ways and we are glad you are here as well!

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19.07.2019 16:22

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19.07.2019 16:30

So cute... I love this family...

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19.07.2019 16:32


Proud to have you as one of my witnesses. Very beautiful family (the children are very handsome they must take after their mother).

May my G-D bless you and yours and your G-D bless you better>

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19.07.2019 16:52

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19.07.2019 16:53

Are you still in freaking Europe 😱

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19.07.2019 23:45

Shoot me, it will be quicker and less painful.

20.07.2019 10:22


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21.07.2019 13:15

🍺 Cheers to how much you've accomplished and all of the contributions to goodwill endeavors from both you and your family! I hope that you'll be able to pay off the down payment way before February!

22.07.2019 18:10

Step by step!

One thing at a time.

First pay off the land, no matter if I earn it via Crypto or from the almost impossible sale of property in this part of this messed up world of ours.

Then physically get myself and our stuff back home.

Then build yet another building (house) that we shall once again call "our home".

22.07.2019 18:57

What a wonderful family you have @jackmiller! Cheers for sharing your story!

25.07.2019 16:43

The one and only motivation that keeps me going is knowing that one day soon we will all be together again.


Thanks for the read and comment.


25.07.2019 16:45