THANK YOU. (Fires in Australia)

To everyone who is helping.

US Firefighters helping in Australia.


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God bless.

09.01.2020 01:38

I wonder how many more years of bad land management, ignorance fired by those who don't have anything to lose in their suits and ties, shall it take for rational common sense and logic to prevail.

There are countless accounts of people not being allowed to take the necessary preventative measures around their own homes. Namely "councils" are dictating to home owners and to rural property owners what they can and can not do as far as ensuring their properties are not endangered by fire.

All of these issues are caused by those who bring about "laws and regulations" sitting in their very comfortable leather office chairs, pretending that they know it all, about everything.

Needless to say that these same people are those that have practically privatized the water in Australia.
You can do your own homework on that one, as it is a very related topic to this tragic scenario of events we are seeing.

Likewise, the hundreds of fires started by arsonists this summer?

Is it humane to let these sick evil deranged people live freely in society?

idk, as far as I'm concerned they should be locked p for life.

Yet they are not.

Again, "suits and ties" deciding on what all people live next door to you, without you even knowing anything about their sick deranged minds. This includes child molesters, child porno sickos, rapists and arsonists along with those who would gladly see you not being able to live a free life as an individual.

I am sick and tired of the BS.

When you wonder "Why?" councils are so willing to do as the "suits and ties" tell them to do, have a look into their budgets.

You may be surprised what % of money comes from the Federal budget and that is "their bread and butter".
The UN agreements such as UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030, all being pushed through via your voted in "council members" as ordered by The Federal Government, all via the $$$$$$$$ they promise them and with which come the terms and conditions they set.

So the next time you think you are voting in a "local" government, think twice.


& who pays the price?


Certainly not those in those comfy leather office chairs, in their expensive imported shoes and clothing, who fly all over the place at your expense. No they only "talk the talk" when it comes to "life" and "your good".
Especially those who are seen on "TV" talking about "looking after mother nature", those are the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES out of the entire lot.

Don't forget that it is them that actually pushed through the laws and regulations that prevented people from ensuring the necessary preventative measures be taken around the family home.

Do they deserve to answer for their ill doing, for their part in the untimely death of innocent people?

I dare say that in my humble and yet directly open opinion THEY SHOULD.

Will they?

Probably not, they will probably go on "TV" that they fund via our taxes and give a spin about how everyone and everything else is to blame except them.

& a bunch of idiots will probably fall for it.

For it is the seed of doubt that they plant into the minds of people, that results in them staying in power and people paying the ultimate price for the decisions they make in our names.


09.01.2020 15:01


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09.01.2020 17:15

Australia is in my prayers every day.

09.01.2020 17:16


"Nearly 100 Canadian fire experts have been sent to Australia to help in the fight against one of the worst wildfire seasons the country has ever seen...."

09.01.2020 17:55

Just a quick FYI

The estimated figure for loss of wildlife is somewhere in the 1.2 million figure.

and if you add to that all the bugs and grubs of the ecosystem it is 100 times that figure.

The soil in some places is dead. The ash has literally covered everything, as the areas have not been maintained for decades now.

Although fire is natural, it arson is not natural.

Although fire is part of natures way, it is also important that we as humans, as the species on our planet with a responsibility to be responsible for our planet do what is necessary so as to assist mother nature and all its beauty.

After all we do have the most to gain and to lose if we don't do what we can in the most rational and logical way possible.

Not "yelling" just saying it as it is, as much as I can't stand the "alarmists", I just as much can not stand the outright stupidity seen and allowed over the decades by those who let those using nature as their ticket into "politics".

If this isn't a wake up call, then what is!

09.01.2020 19:32

10.01.2020 07:22