Steemchurch & It's Activities.

Some may know already, others may not, there is an organized community of Christians who have gathered together and found a common language here on Steem.

The various churches that each individual was baptized in has been put aside and we all accept each other as Christians.


A church is simply a gathering of Christians.

If we gather together here on Steem, it simply means that we have a minimum of two things in common,

1 - We are Steemians


2 - We are Christians.

Hence there are two common foundations upon which we can gather and share our lives, knowledge, experiences, feelings, compassion and respect.

What we often refer to as a "community".

Steemchurch today has over 1,200 individual Steemians who are in some way involved with our activities.

Some daily, some not so frequently.

It isn't a community in which there are "Terms & Conditions" that everyone has to comply with as far as their individual lives and choices go.

However, we do have many members who are active daily.

Steemchurch has also opened up a branch on Telos.

Yes, another blockchain and it is still called Steemchurch.

Many of the people active on Telos are also active on Steem. It is again, an individual choice that is not regulated by any "T&C's".


Why not?

Who am I or anyone else, to judge people for their individuality?

Steemchurch has various REAL LIFE activities that are happening in various countries.

That is right, Steem has helped people to change lives, as individuals, as families and as entire communities.

One such example is in Venezuela.

Source: @sc-v (The account of our Venezuela branch)

The people in the above photo got together at a Steem meetup. Yes, a Steem meetup.

The community is as much a part of Steem as any other community that makes Steem so wonderful.

All I can hope for is that one day all 1200+ active 'members' of Steemchurch can afford to get together and further strengthen their friendships made here via Steem.

All the international gatherings of Christians that have gotten together here on Steem, @sc-v , @sc-n , @sc-g , @sc-philippines , all the project leaders and contributors out there, from the farming communities to the anti-addiction groups and all the way to the children support projects in turbulent Venezuela, plus all the other projects that community members are involved in and that are supported by their efforts here on Steem.

There are many others out there, please don't feel left out.

& no, I have not bombarded this post with photos from all the Steemian get togethers of Steemchurch.

I will leave that to you the reader to go to the above accounts and see them for yourselves.

@steemchurch is the account and the idea where it all started, yet it is in every persons heart no matter where one is on this fragile little planet of ours that the goodness is spread every time people help people.

This post is being written in response to a series of little events that have been going on, yet it is only human to make mistakes, it is only human to not agree with or not understand things at times. After all we are all human beings!

I sincerely hope that we can one day all build Steem into everything it can be, no matter who we are, no matter where we are and that instead of judging one another, that we ask questions and communicate with each other to resolve things in ways that do not upset anyone.

Life is too short to waste on negativity.

God bless you all.

Yours truly,

If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones


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16.08.2019 15:30

Thank you @jackmiller God's plans are always fulfilled, we always have to remember that the thief of the cross represents each one of us, and that Christians are not perfect, we are people who recognize that only through Jesus can we to be better every day, and that we have forgiveness for our sins, convinced that love will cover a multitude of mistakes and that love is: Jesus Christ.


16.08.2019 16:08

May the good lord bless you richly brother @jackmiller.

We’re Steemchurch!

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16.08.2019 17:40

@jackmiller Hello, For years the Church of the Lord has been divided thinking, if you are a Baptist, I am Pentecostal, you are Free, I am Protestant, you are Conservative and I am Reformed. In Venezuela it is time to reinvent thought as the writing says: "Renew in the spirit of your mind." The situation in the country is for us to leave things useless, and begin to join forces to go out with faith and God's help from this miserable crisis. Not everyone agrees, but those who do, come together and move on. Everyone needs to find the place, the path and the people to empathize with, practicing as scientists the trial and error until they find where to serve, as Christians we are.
It's a good day for Smiles on my lips

16.08.2019 18:15

I have witnessed the work that @sc-v has been doing, with the help of @darlenys01 and now the task in the hands of @ricci01, together we are still the same team, I think people should take an example of this, they reward them We have obtained here will never have the value of what lives we touch through service and word.
I do feel very proud of all this work and I thank God for it.

16.08.2019 18:55

Beautifully said Witness Jack Miller. Thank you.


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16.08.2019 22:14

Thank you very much for sharing such beautiful words of unity of the brothers in Christ. God bless you abundantly @jackmiller.

16.08.2019 23:03

@jackmiller, your words touched my heart, I quote "Life is too short to waste it on negativity." and I add: God is too big to want to overshadow him with some of our mistakes. Personally, as leader of steemchurchch venezuela, I appreciate your reflection and today I casually rejoiced in an activity where "bread from heaven" por @darlenys01 once again hosted to bring smiles to some Venezuelan children. Esto es ¡steemchurch venezuela! view image.

16.08.2019 23:19

Thanks for the support @steemchurch, we are the people of God and our task is to move forward despite the obstacles, improve and place our trust in God, there is a divine mark that characterizes each person on earth.

17.08.2019 14:18