SF 22.2 Facts vs Opinions

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OK. Rather than justify any actions, here I will try and lay out the facts, so as to help everyone better UNDERSTAND what all is involved.
There is no reason for anyone to impose opinions upon anyone or throw judgemental accusations around.
Since day one of my experiences on Steem, it was clear that ‘information flow’ was not necessarily at an admirable level.

To show that my words are not only ‘words’ but actions, many people here can recall the questions of “Where can we see all the witness related posts from witnesses?”
As a result, one of the first publically noticed projects that I took on was to tackle this “gap in the communications flowchart” and as a result in May of 2018 was born


Justin SunJustin Sun @justinsuntron >@ TronSpark @ redpillblue1 @ Tronfoundation I agreed with you. The vote is just temporary and short term solution. The long term solution is find a way/standard/guidelines to encourage active SRs and punish dormant SRs. >TwitterTwitter | Feb 19th So, there is no doubt to the fact of how Mr. Justin Sun uses “ninja mined” stake that was agreed to NEVER be used for voting on Witnesses. He does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants and to anyone he wants, no matter what the case may be. Remember one fact in life: ## Actions speak louder than words. --------------------------------------- #### The above listed facts should be ample to define the eminent threat to the Steem blockchain, to our ecosystem and what brought about the need for Soft Fork 22.2 ---------------------------- As I stated at the beginning of this post. I have tried to, to the best of my capabilities relay facts only. Those who know me, know that I do not hold back on saying what I really think. However, here I felt that it was my responsibility as a witness to relay the facts that are relevant to Soft Fork 22.2 So as to help ensure all fellow Steemians (stake holders) are informed and can as per the facts be able to take into consideration everything that is relevant when thinking about or talking about SF22.2 . I know that my PR skills are not necessarily up to a level of a used car salesperson! & no I do not offer a free set of steak knives with anything! I sincerely hope that this post and the facts listed herein help everyone better UNDERSTAND the reality of our reality. For the sake of stating my personal opinion on the topic, I will write up a post, once I calm down from having gone through all these disturbing facts listed above which were all the centrepiece of almost all day every day since Ned Scott did the dirty on us all. & as one person said the other day: "Opinions are like armpits, we all have a couple of them" What that person forgot to say was the important part, and that is "THEY STINK" So that is why I prefer to try and stick to facts, rather than opinions, when it comes to such important issues as the existential security of our Steem blockchain. PS. Latest and greatest from Tron: https://medium.com/@TronFoundation/tron-weekly-report-02-15-02-21-international-version-86ac7a29799c ![image.png](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmSJ6nhyGSESVBmT9eMjWMNdUXVrEwHsk8yHtt4kzJeHtH/image.png) [Had to add this in there, as it totally contradicts anything mentioned by Tron/Justin Sun "today"!](https://goldvoice.club/steem/@justinsunsteemit/open-letter-to-steem-commununity) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9kqxCz1SYs Now I amally: Signing out for the day, Yours truly, @jackmiller https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446801627161296906/557348153683214346/jack-gif.gif
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24.02.2020 15:07

@jackmiller - thank you for composing this explanation of SF 22.2 - there is a lot of disinformation, rumor and opinion flowing and I'm very glad to see this factual account of the background and reasons for the fork! I've heard people complaining that this action shouldn't have been taken until something disastrous has been done by Justin - commonly known as "shutting the barn door after the horse is gone" - and I applaud the witnesses in taking this action for Steem's protection and following the code that was written just for this purpose.

24.02.2020 15:23

wow, great post, It is a much appreciated and i definitely learned a few things. Thank you for being so thorough and honest to us, its honestly one of the reasons i voted u as one of my witnesses. One more quote about excuses u might like....

excuse are like assholes, we all got em and they all stink!


24.02.2020 15:37

what will happen to the Steem-Engine balances?

asking for a friend

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24.02.2020 15:51

I believe the best people to ask that are @inertia and @aggroed .

Anything I comment on that would be incomplete and could just add to the FUD.

PS. Not avoiding the question, just making sure you get it from the most reliable sources.

24.02.2020 15:53

I understand.
Thanks for spending some time and getting back to me.
I really appreciate it and am super humbled.

24.02.2020 15:55

Just want to do the right thing by you. Sorry I couldn't give a complete and 100% correct answer to your question.

I am sure both of the gentlemen mentioned will get back to you on it.

24.02.2020 15:59

!giphy thank you

24.02.2020 16:05

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

24.02.2020 16:05

If there’s a worst case scenario, Steem Engine just moves to another mainnet, I’d imagine.

24.02.2020 15:56

Sun should buy the whole project instead. According to my opinion.

24.02.2020 16:04

Sun should buy the whole
Project instead. According
To my opinion.

                 - tonytrillions

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24.02.2020 16:04