Seeing Through The SMOG & FUD!

We all know what smog is, well, many of us have seen it and seen it from a distance and that is the parallel I wish to draw to what this post is going to try and explain as far as where I am and what I am doing.

You see, a few years ago, everything in life was looking grand.

Almost too good to be true.

Then that all got turned upside down.

Then, in all that negativity, I came across a site called

& there begins a new chapter in my life.

While on this journey of new discoveries and experiences, learning the ropes on various things that I only heard somewhat about, but never bothered to study up on, many new conclusions have been brought about in my life.

An entire new list of outlooks on the potentials out there that can be utilized for good.

Somewhat of a nice, "warm and fuzzy" as I like to call it.

Yet, during this course of time, having seen, heard, read, learned many a new thing, I, like many got somewhat lost within all that smog.

FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), as some call it.

While the entire time being convinced by others out there that everything is so grand and beautiful, so clear and wonderful, so magnificent that rainbows shine out of places that one would never expect a rainbow to shine out of.

The fact of the matter is, there was FUD out there in all of it.

Having been mislead by those who do not face reality, but live in their own little bubbles, who refuse to see anything from angles that may differ to what they want to see (or even 'believe') there was the element of "denial" that came into what I saw.

Being presented with "fake news" (as a popular PC term for BS) and seeing it for what it is, it became hard to understand things at times.
It became almost impossible to see anything through all the FUD driven BS out there.

However, once I backed off, not from studying, learning and now analyzing as an additional exercise to the first two, I was able to see the smog in the distance.

While I was in the smog, it was all a case of "start, go, stop", just like in a congested traffic jam.

When finally exiting that smog, it was all clear that within the smog, there is no clear vision of anything. There is absolutely no way that anyone can see anything unless it is placed right in front of their noses & too often than not, those presenting the goods to see were offering 'free, non existent steak knives' along with their BS.

It was so easy to fall into the entrapment of doing what was expected by those selling their sales pitch, instead of being independent and relying upon ones own experience and knowhow.

I saw way too many people get used, sometimes even abused, chewed up and then as expected, spat out.

Nothing new.
This was nothing unusual, after all, this is a business.

Not some fairy tale story, everything that involves turnover, profits and losses = BUSINESS.
& that was the reality which somehow, in all that smog, got put aside by myself and many others out there.

Now, to get into something that may not come across in an amicable manner:

It became clear that motives behind many of the "business" dealings out there in the crypto sphere are solely driven by personal greed of individuals.

All the way to the point of abuse at times. i.e. "pump & dumps".

So, I asked myself, a person who believes that he is in his final quarter in the game of life, a person who has experienced some things that one would never wish upon anyone else, a person who has tried to make a real difference at times and on the brighter side, a person who has learned to love, who has seen what is worth more than any material riches a person could ever accumulate, a person who believes in GOoD, a person who is finally in his last quarter of life finding his own true inner being.


Through the course of life, I have asked myself many a time "WHY?" and learned the reasons for it and in many practical situations found the answer to the question "HOW?", only because the logic of "you need to know what is broken in order to fix it" definitely works.
Here, in this part of my experiences, due to my own entrapment within the smog and the fud and all the overall BS out there, I applied the lessons and knowhow accumulated through life for the answers, yet whenever I started to move forwards with anything, it all kinda got halted and I couldn't see by whom.

The WHY and HOW were clearly understood, just the WHO? was always an uncertainty.

It was only when I exited the smog, was I able to see the smog that I was in.

So when this happened, it became crystal clear what steps I needed to take, so as to ensure independence is achieved, but not in any way that would eat away at my conscience later on, as this is something that I don't wish upon myself, nor others.

& so began the new trip, the endeavour envisioned, but this time with a clear view of everything out there that lay in front of me. The answers to WHY?, HOW? and WHO? were finally clear and now, knowing this, it was much easier to make the necessary decisions and moves to get to where the vision showed us what all potentials we all have.

What exactly am I taking about?

Well, that part is yet to come, but not right now.

Call this a "teaser" if you will, but it is the background to what lays ahead, so that you too can understand what all lay behind it.

Understanding is much harder than reading!

Yours truly,

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05.02.2020 12:07

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05.02.2020 12:15

Yeah FUD Bias can be pretty distracting. I made this experience recently while trading in the stockmarket. Sometimes you need a break to come out of the smog and see the thing as a whole.

05.02.2020 12:19