Preppers & All Human Beings Wanting Freedom of Choice - Our Alternatives (Podcast)

While many out there believe in various theories, many others denounce them as conspiracy theories. Either way changes are occurring everywhere we look. From politics, economics to the various makes of society.

Instead of complaining about things or looking at things from angles that are not offering solutions, here I wish to point out one option that could offer humanity decentralized (people powered) economy.

The internet is a tool that should be utilized for the good of humanity, the technologies out there should be used for the good of humanity.

Remembering that each and every human being is unique, so diversity is needed in everything out there, especially when it comes to options available to us.

Blockchain technology has managed to give us cryptocurrencies, the best known of the lot being Bitcoin. However we are not limited to Bitcoin, we can all get involved in this technology and endeavour to offer alternatives.

Please look into it, consider becoming a part of the blockchain technology out there, so that we may further decentralize it and expand it to a point where no individual government, even a "one world government" can't stop it.

God bless.

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The mentioned podcast about "Australia introducing a cashless society", I named the podcast:

"Land of The Young & Free"

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Hope you all find the time to listen to these, feel free to share them or this link to any social networking site out there, I truly believe that people should get informed about things that are definitely affecting them and more so, going to affect them.

Yours truly,

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You're on the ball @jackmiller

A lot of this stuff you talk about is not theory - it's fact. It astounds me just how ignorant the average person is about this stuff.

07.09.2019 09:39

I guess we've had it too good for too long, living off what was created by those generations up to the 1970's & here we are, facing a reality that is just incomprehensible by the vast majority who simply do not know what all is out there and what all is in stall for them.

At this moment, all I think I can do is to draw peoples curiosity to it and hope that they actually start getting informed about it all.

Cheers mate.

07.09.2019 09:59