Please Watch This Video. It Is Direct To The Point.

What is it all about?


Living, being, loving, respecting, giving...

I wish to ask everyone to offer a moment of silence, to pray/hope for all the people who have been affected by this tragedy.
For all those who have lost loved ones and mates/friends.

For all those who now live in fear because of the tremendous uncertainty that comes with the region they live in.

I hope that no matter what anyone may think about any of the topics, that this video helps put some things back into perspective.

Thank you,

God bless you.

Yours sincerely


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Extremely sad. Life is fragile. Then there are those that would put the lives and safety of others before their own. There are still heroes in the world.

10.12.2019 16:22

God created mankind to have fellowship with him and enjoy him forever. Therefore our lives should be about serving God and serving God by serving people.

10.12.2019 16:41

Hi @jackmiller

Friend from the first moment I heard this unpleasant news, I began to pray and I did it with my two daughters.

We pray that God will take care of all those who need Him so much in this moment of tragedy due to that volcano.

We ask God to stop this volcano from erupting.

11.12.2019 00:30