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I have put out a podcast on a topic that I believe is overly important for all human beings on this earth.

The reasons for me putting out this podcast are as a result of the current events in Australia.

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Here is the text that accompanied my podcast:

I haven't done a podcast in quite a while, figured that what I had to say could have been done effectively in written formats with the people who it concerned.


Today I seriously believe that ALL Australians should voice opinions based on research and information that is available to all of us, on a topic that concerns ALL of us.

The topic is about "our representatives" making decisions that shall impose upon one and all a life with terms and conditions that the vast majority of us just can't fathom. Luckily the majority of Aussies have never experienced the evils of societies in which the government systematically imposes total control of everything, to the point where no individual has any privacy or freedoms that us Aussies have in Australia.

Why we are willing to just accept the actions of those people we voted in, by which they are taking these freedoms and liberties from us, well, it worries me. Are we really becoming that ignorant that we just accept this, without questioning anything, without insisting upon the necessary information and our rights to expressing our thoughts and for "our voted in representatives" to honour and respect our justifiable wishes?

How on earth have we gotten to this low level? idk.

But we have and it is time that we all start thinking about it and start taking the necessary steps to ensuring we do not fall into a society in which we have no privacy as human beings.

Won't bother you with any more text, thanks for takinng the time to hear me out and sincerely hope that you will take the time to go out look into the topics that I have touched upon. You need to be informed, so as to be able to ensure you make the right decisions on the topics at hand.

Wish everyone all the best and nothing but goodness and love.

HERE ARE DIRECT LINKS TO THE PODCAST: (a number of podcast channels that you can choose from)



Google Podcasts

Radio Public!5575b


Those who know me, know that all too often I am not able to express what I have to say in an effective manner when writing, however when talking the emotions relay much of what goes unsaid or unwritten, so please accept that this is something that I believe is very important and wish to draw to your attention.

I hope that you can put aside a few minutes and hear me out, so that you can think about it and even look into the topics at hand independently. That is all that I am trying to achieve, that you too inform yourselves and be able to draw conclusions based upon information and views out there from all sorts of different people/sources. As we are all different, our life experiences are different and as a result if we do hear each other out, we can avoid making mistakes that we shall regret later on.


Yours sincerely


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Checking in after HF21. Looks like we’re still alive.

01.09.2019 12:50

Fabulous!!! A new podcast for the work commute <3 and a bloody good one at that!!

01.09.2019 12:59

I very much enjoyed your posts they are insightful and truly need to be posted. Thank you for being brave enough to speak out.

01.09.2019 13:11

In the UK we have BORIS JOHNSON as prime minister. I’m not sure what is happening in Australia but I’m pretty sure we have the shorter straw!

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01.09.2019 17:54

Yay another Aussie! 🇦🇺 You have my witness vote. I run the @untersatz witness. I’d appreciate a vote if you think I’m worthy 🙃

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03.09.2019 03:12

Unvoted miself and chucked the vote your way. Always willing to vote for a new witness out there.


03.09.2019 16:39

Thanks dude!

03.09.2019 18:24