Journalists Being Taken To Court For Finding Out The Truth About Baby Body Parts Market In The USA. Allegedly Some Politicians Involved!

Journalists find and prove that body parts are being sold by the 'Planned parenthood' & now the journalists are being taken to court for secretly recording the people who literally trade in baby body parts.

Planned Parenthood ADMITTED TO IT IN COURT.

There are allegedly 'politicians' involved in this scenario and the mainstream media refuses to cover it.

Although there are some other online sources available, I only ask that you look into it for yourselves.

Please do not take 'my word for it'. Research it and find out for yourselves who all among the 'mainstream media' is BLOCKING this shocking story in which the mass media are obviously not in the service of the people, but in the service of politics and who knows what other lobbies out there.

If real investigative journalists are going to be hushed up and even jailed for discovering the truth, which seems to be something that the mainstream media no longer cares for "THE FAKE NEWS" as they obviously deserve to be called, then what of the mass media out there can we trust?

This is not a story about a small scandal, this involves numerous politicians and people who are 'respected' by many.

Maybe that has something to do with all this, so one could suspect!

Please go out there and see for yourself what the 'freedom of speech' means to those who hold power and influence in the key institutions.

This is way too serious to let it pass without the information being made available and open to the people.

Yours truly,

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It is now a crime, to expose the crimes, of your government. And it doesn't matter who you vote for, the government still gets in.

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16.09.2019 14:18

To back your statement:

"...........The felony charges against the Center for Medical Progress have been pursued by pro-choice politicians, such as former California Attorney General Kamala Harris and current state Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Harris has received huge campaign donations from the abortion industry in the past, including more than $81,000 from Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocacy groups. As California’s attorney general, Harris chose not to investigate the illegal activities of Planned Parenthood. Instead, she had her office search Daleiden’s home to seize his laptop and the hard drives that contained video footage of his investigation........."


I guess "Money talks" and "judges too"!

16.09.2019 18:07

Her office the cops searched invaded his home and seized stole his laptop and hard drives.

17.09.2019 03:36

The deeper a person goes into it, the "deep state" seems to become more of a reality!

17.09.2019 09:37

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17.09.2019 00:54