Facing Reality: Who, What, How and Why?

Let's get one thing straight.

Nobody likes to be stabbed in the back.

& that is what Ned did to Steem and Steemit Inc.

What his reasons were for doing that is totally irrelevant right now, as far as I am concerned he can go on a cruise and bow his head in shame.

Likewise, I dare say that only fools would ever want anything to do with him in any serious business venture after his sell out here. But I guess he may think that his money can buy him respect and trust.

Basically, no matter what ned says or or does, my attitude is: "I no longer mind, as ned no longer matters."

So let's move onto the relevant things.

Justin Sun, young man, full of energy, with funding available.

Steemit.com, a not so crash hot front end (User Interface) that has never come close to matching anything that other serious well known social networking sites have to offer.

Hmmmm, looks like Justin got a raw deal there.

Definitely something that will need a lot of work on.


His ownership of Steem tokens.

It is a nice chunk of change, to say the least.

It is hard to imagine that he will want to be loved as little as ned was "loved", in fact, idk what all he would have to do to be disliked as much as ned, deservingly was disliked by the vast majority of Steemians.

However, to be fair, Ned, to the best of my knowledge and likewise what other witnesses have stated, to the best of their knowledge, only once used the stake he had to mess with the governance of Steem.

This is a something that was always looming over us and it shall loom over us in future too, because that stake is still out there.

Justin Sun from what we understand paid for that stake. It is his now.
Simple and straight forwards.

I have to congratulate him on a great purchase, in fact, he got more than what he currently has.

Yes, you read that right.

For that pocket change he paid he got more in this one acquisition than what he got in all the other acquisitions he made in the blockchain and crypto scene.

Steem has an active community that is loyal and very much a part of everything. Every one of us in our own individual way.

We the people made Steemit.com what it is, we the people made Steem into more than what any one company with its coders could ever do, as without us, there is no Steem, nor Steemit.com.
Both would be baron wastelands, like the vast majority of blockchains and cryptos out there.

So Justin Sun, can potentially get a large number of us, active people, most of who obviously are better versed and much more knowledgeable in all the various fields of blockchain technology and the crypto scene than any other social network in the world.

That alone is worth billions of USD.

Think what Mark Zuckenberg would give to have us!!!!!!!!

He doesn't, maybe he thought that people will just run to him and his crypto, after he screwed all his buddies over as shown in the movie about him!

Once you lose that trust, it is all over, never can be replaced, no matter how much money one may have.

Then, let's have a look at the Steem blockchain.

Not the tokens, the tokens as such are nothing but a series of numbers, letters and symbols.

Let's have a look at what all our blockchain can handle in comparison to others, including Tron.

We have had over 1 million active users online, jamming away on their keyboards daily.
Yes back at the end of 2017 we had over 1 million accounts on Steem and those were the days when Bitcoin was up to $20K and Steem was up to some $7 or $8 roughly. Many of us remember those days, with fond memories!

Our blockchain was literally processing more transactions than Visa and in real time. Although the 'official' stand is 3 seconds, by the time any of our internet connections refreshed the screen it was all done.
TX completed, immutable.

Our blockchain has survived some of the meanest attacks out there.

The only time we had issues was due to one coding mishap that at the end of the day actually managed to prove how our governance model can fully function.

Again, something that rarely any other blockchain out there can claim!
Well, they can claim it, but they would be "fibbing".

Let's go one step further.

Our ecosystem has made it possible for people all over the world to earn real value, to put money into their pockets and increase the standard of their lives.

Something rarely any, if any other blockchain can claim, because they never gave anyone the opportunity to earn without investing first.
Yes, when anyone say "PONZI SCHEME", they can't claim that for Steem.
Steem offers real opportunities for ordinary people to earn rewards for their "Proof of Work", "Proof of Brain" as we refer to it, without having to first "pay to play".

Since the last HF, that was kinda changed to where it could cost someone if registering via some UIs, but that wasn't always the case, most people could easily still get a free account and some basic delegation with which to get started, without paying a cent for it.

So Steem is not a PONZI SCHEME, ALL of the blockchains that require people to pay up front so as to do anything are the PONZI SCHEMES. Not Steem, where everyone got on for free and was able to interact with millions of people and contribute to millions of articles, posts, views, opinions, you name it.

What about the Dapps and apps and other features built out there on the free market that include and utilize our blockchain.


What about all the additions tested and proven to be well above any other blockchain out there to date, such as SMTs, the coming communities etc.


I doubt that there are those who are actually objective and without any leaning towards other projects that they "like" can say anything similar.

What about the fact that almost all of the dapps and apps that seriously approached business and which started out utilizing our blockchain are all still alive and kicking!

Sure a couple may not be heard of now, but that isn't because our blockchain couldn't handle their txs.

Those were all what they were and are where they are because of other things. (won't go into their inner business dealings here, not my problem.)

So, when Justin Sun says, "WIN/WIN"

He has already WON BIG TIME!


Those who know me, know very well that I say exactly what I think.

No matter how angry or happy I may be, you will get it without any BS.

So for those reading this and thinking that I am taking sides, YES I AM.

I am taking the side of cold hard realistic facts.

& now, not to say anything about Tron, I leave it up to everyone here to look into Tron and compare what we here on Steem have any most know that I have only listed some of the things that came to mind without even looking into all the little extras and goodies out there.

I will not say anything about Tron, in fact, all I will say is that if we look at what Justin Sun purchased, he got a deal of a lifetime with Steem.

Literally a deal of a lifetime.

With Steemit inc. = NO COMMENT.

I'll leave that up to others to tackle that topic, not mine to go into things that I personally can not vouch for, as anything I say can only be classed as second hand information and that is = "hear say".

Won't do that.


Can't wait to see how we at Steem "WIN" in this promise for a "WIN/WIN" outcome.

In fact, I am sincerely hoping it happens, because that will be the day that we may actually achieve what ned and Steemit Inc never achieved.

To make Steem the Dream!

Yours truly,

If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones


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17.02.2020 16:07

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17.02.2020 16:08

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17.02.2020 16:15

All I can say is that what you just wrote expresses how 99.9% of our community members feel right now.

Nailed it Jack.

17.02.2020 16:44

Our voices need to be heard.

No matter who likes it or not, the truth is the only way to move forwards successfully.

17.02.2020 16:45

I think he got an idea of how the community feels about those token swaps, and dapp migrations...

17.02.2020 16:49

He'll do what he wants to do, unfortunately, based on everything seen and heard to date he obviously does not have a team of people who are telling him the truth.

They probably fear him, or may be intimidated, hence tell him what he wants to hear and not the truth, which is what he needs to hear.

This is in fact the very first time that one of his acquisitions has put Tron into a position where it actually can not support the tech side of things, nor can it support the ecosystem (namely the economy) that is needed to ensure Steem remains the worlds best social network utilizing a blockchain.

That is evident, literally so crystal clear from what we have seen that I am certain he will get way toooo upset at some of the people who are "advising him".

As for ned, well, once justin finds out just how much ned is disliked by the vast majority of people on Steem, I can say that the "friendship" will not be what it was.

That is just my logical conclusion based on what all of us have been able to see and hear with our own eyes and ears.

The positive thing here is that Justin has an opportunity to literally make Facebook and Twitter and Instagram become = NOTHING.

If he can get the right people to utilize what he now has available in a way that will achieve that and that is definitely not by transferring anything from the Steem blockchain to Trons blockchain, as it will literally fail.

& that is the cold hard truth of the fact.

There are many ways in which Justin can incorporate dozens, in fact hundreds of money making apps and dapps from Tron onto Steem and vice versa, without putting at risk Trons blockchain and at the same time making absolutely the most of the Steem blockchain.

17.02.2020 17:02

Hoping Sun can execute all this

17.02.2020 23:48

i was thinking SMTs would bring so much more value to steem if practically anyone can create tokens and distribute them through social media. depending on how much your token is worth in the market, not even google/fb can bully you because censoring or demonetizing a token that exists on a blockchain like steem would be unrealistic. maybe it's tron that should migrate over.

17.02.2020 17:07

The SMTs, are just one atom of the mega tonnes of gold that Steem can bring in to Justin and Tron likewise.

If he doesn't do a "ned" on us and literally fuck it all up with who knows what all not.

He and everyone on Steem and Tron actually can have an opportunity of a lifetime, but from the sounds of it, from what has been posted on Twitter to date, it seems that there was no analysis done of anything as far as the potential profits that are ready and waiting with the Steem blockchain.

I fear the worst, yet hope for the best.

Again, I don't care who gets upset at me for telling it literally as it is.

I'm not a "PR" guy, I do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, without all the BS and that means that I can't afford to waste my time or anybody elses time (time = money) with brown nosing.

Just the way it is.

17.02.2020 17:13

i think he might do more than a "ned". but if you think about it, trashing stinc and steemit doesn't sound that bad.
if he goes apeshit crazy with his stake, i dunno, might as well be a good test for steem and the community. see how much of it all is dependent on a single company.

but if everything goes up in flames i still wanna see how many people are gonna stand ground and die a warrior's death.
or.. rise.. like a.. phoenix..?


17.02.2020 17:42

Not the point.

Justin Sun can literally capitalize with the Steem blockchain in ways that Tron cant.

Business is not about "pride" or "emotions", it is about logical, well thought out decisions about what is best financially and in the long term.

He is 29, he doesn't plan on "retiring" any time soon. (at least I don't think so, he seems way too full of adrenaline for that).

So what is best for him?

A short term increase in numbers of people who own some Tron tokens or a long term endeavour in which Tron bridges into other blockchains that cover what Trons blockchain can't?

I would say that the logical conclusion from a business, tech and financial view of things, the second is the better one.

Inter blockchain communications is the way of the future.

He now has a PERFECT opportunity to make it happen in ways that lets say "facebook" with its suggested "Libra" token will NEVER have.

No money on this earth can pay the value of BEING FIRST!

& this is that opportunity.

17.02.2020 17:50

Well in china its more about political leverage and obtaining short term goals like theres no tomorrow. Hes not gonna think like you or me or most other steemians thats for sure 😏

17.02.2020 18:18

I wasn't talking like a Steemian in my response to you, I was literally putting myself in the shoes of a person who wants to be a market leader in the field of Blockchain tech and crypto.

17.02.2020 18:32

you "or" steemians 😐

17.02.2020 18:53

Trying to look at things from an angle that a young business man like Justin would understand and actually think about.

Not easy to do, but in order to be realistic here, has to be done.

No matter how much I or anyone is a supporter of Steem, Justin is a supporter of his business ventures and Tron.

So that has to be taken into consideration and the "WIFM" for him is a major player in everything that happens. (in all decisions).

17.02.2020 18:57

Also keep in mind in confuscious cultures wifm is not even a thing, where individual identity is often neglected 😐

17.02.2020 19:06


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17.02.2020 20:44

I hope Justin Sun will make great use of the investment he made and not making confusing tweets all the time. Upvoted!

17.02.2020 21:29

One of the first witnesses I voted for, after "jumping in" in May 2018, I appreciate you writing down your thoughts on this "takeover" @jackmiller.

For the sake of us all, I hope you and the other Witnesses are wise in how you proceed in dealing with Justin Sun and whatever is coming ...

17.02.2020 21:46

Maybe all of us might just benefit from it

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17.02.2020 22:59


18.02.2020 09:56