"Everyone Is Family & Friends"

Big cities are literally killing the world.

What is more important, they are killing people as individuals.

Which is EXACTLY what the "Big Brothers" of this world want.

All confirmed in the following voted in Agendas ( UN Agenda 21 and it's little sister UN Agenda 2030 )

However, WHAT DO I MEAN with "they are killing people as individuals"?

You know what, don't let me be the person who tells you, why don't you look into what cities have to offer to people as individuals and at what price!

Where do people get their food and water from in cities and who controls it!

Plus as for the real inner being, here is something that will definitely help you better understand what these man made unsustainable and very non environmental friendly monstrosities called cities can do the individual!

They literally remove your being as a human on this earth.

That is right.

Think about it. What is it that you as an individual, a unique human being can do in a city that is worth anything for longer than a split second in the grand scheme of things!

So many people all crammed one on top of each other. Yet, there has NEVER been so much loneliness all over the world.

Don't believe me:

So what is it that we want?

A future as human BEINGS or as Drones (slaves)?

That is something that every human being, as unique as each person is, the individual needs to figure out within their own being!

Yours truly,

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Glad I live in a tiny village of around 180 people in the country.

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04.12.2019 20:51

When people don't know each other then there is a 99.9999999% surety that people do not care about each other.

Another very important lesson about humans and life on this earth. Could also explain a lot about why there is so much hatred and crime in all the cities.

05.12.2019 07:30

Why I love the community aspect of our little fam. Doesn't matter where you from or how big it is, give one the companionship (I hope) that probably won't be found elsewhere.

04.12.2019 23:01

Yes, a lot can be learned from life and applied to many other aspects of life and business.

05.12.2019 07:28