Democracies NEED Blockchain Technology.

The title says it all.

If it wasn't evident enough to date, the events over the past three years have definitely confirmed that democracies as such need to improve their communications, accessibility to required information (documents) and TRANSPARENCY!

All of which can in many sectors be improved simply by implementing blockchain technology.

Let's put aside our personal opinions on what all has been happening in the political scenes, in particular the political media side show from the worlds most powerful democracy, The United States of America.

Why do I say "side show" for 'the mass media"?

Well, how can we trust them?

We can't, the proved it.

From all the "BREAKING NEWS" to date, all we have seen is them make mountains out of molehills. Rarely any of the media sources actually do any "homework" aka "investigative reporting" prior to rushing to the cameras to be "first with the breaking news", hence literally making themselves propaganda machines, political puppets and money hungry leeches.

All of this further adds to the statement made in the title of this post.

Most importantly in all of this is public access to relevant information.

Not "bits and pieces" of information taken out of context but to the whole source of information. Of course there has to be common sense and logic applied. Safety first. No doubt about it.
However, when information doesn't put any persons life at risk it should be made public.

There should be no reason for there not being any such means of ensuring this as the technology exists.

We need to lobby for this, as it seems that the oligarchies who have become so accustomed to them governing everything and everyone have no intention of letting anyone outside of their well established mafia like organizations aka "political parties" to be chosen by the people.

When it happens, we now have first hand experience as to what to expect.

A Neo-totalitarian type of approach to everything so as to ensure they get rid of 'the outsider' = the person not from the ranks of the oligarchy.

I believe that this alone should be alarming enough to be in ALL of the media out there, yet it has never been addressed, further proving my point made earlier about them being nothing more than propaganda machines and money hungry leeches.

I have put together a small video about this, bear with it, I am still learning about video editing, so it may not be the most exciting video out there. But in the few minutes that it runs, listen to the words and take note of the pictures, plus I have included a clip from a one reporter who has some 30 years experience under his belt and who is one of the rare reporters who actually does back his words with "homework"! Something that I respect more so than any opinion or view a reporter may have.

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In the video description are links to my podcast from yesterday about this topic.

With links to all the podcasting channels where it is shared.

I hope that you can find the few minutes to watch the video, and or listen to the podcast to hear the sincerity in my voice and who knows, maybe it gets you thinking about how important it is to help make our democracies fairer and transparent.

Thanks for your time.

Yours truly,

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These days a good reporter is a diamond in the rough. In the age of "fake news" real news is like a breath of fresh air

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06.10.2019 13:38

It really doesn't bother me what they are relaying, as long as they back what they say with ample & somewhat objective full facts.

Nothing can excuse this thing in place where "reporters" can relay anything without investigating it without doing any "homework" on the topic and then if they are proven wrong, which is like ALWAYS because they obviously don't care about the truth, because if they did, they would learn how to INVESTIGATE their news prior to releasing it.

What we have is a PROPAGANDA machine fueled by $$$$$$$$$$$$$

06.10.2019 13:51

The propaganda machine worked well in the radio and tv age, but it's falling apart with the internet and moreso with Blockchain.

06.10.2019 14:01

The oligarchies have already covered those bases with full and utter control over "social networks" that are privately owned.

Again, yet another argument for decentralized blockchain based social networks, such as Steem.

& confirms the fact that the changes need to happen within the upper echelon of governance, not down among us overly complacent voters.

06.10.2019 14:08

Democracy need 3rd Generation Blockchain... Skycoin's Fiber and their Next Generation Internet Skywire. Time to Free the Internet

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06.10.2019 15:15

The tech is out there, it is constantly being improved, most so in its security features, more so than any other tech options.

All it takes is for "voters" to push the potential 'politicians' to become representatives of us the voters and not their oligarchical organizations aka "parties".


06.10.2019 15:34

Hello, human.

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09.10.2019 08:59